running tips

  1. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Add a mile — bike it, walk it, run it

    Yes, exercise is good for you, but it isn't always easy to find the motivation to get moving. What if you decided to add just one...
  2. Workouts

    Hornet venom coming to a juice bar near you

    Hornets aren't usually welcome company on a long run but thanks to a new workout supplement made from hornet venom, the little...
  3. Workouts

    Marathon selfies are putting runners in danger

    Running selfies are definitely a trend, but that doesn't make them a good idea.
  4. Workouts

    So you think you can't run?

    Have you always wanted to run but just never knew how to start or thought it was too difficult? Don't let that stop you from lacing...
  5. Health & Wellness

    The 6 most common running injuries

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    There is no one reason why runners get injured, but a pretty consistent interaction of factors plays a role in most runner injuries.
  6. Health & Wellness

    Best yoga poses for runners

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    If you're a runner, it's essential to take some time to stretch those stems... and what better way to do it than by rolling out...
  7. Health & Wellness

    Meet the SheKnows running team!

    SheKnows' employees are joining forces to run the P.F. Chang's Arizona Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in January 2014. Now, we often...
  8. Health & Wellness

    From A to DD: Choosing the right sports bra

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    What moves up and down, side to side, and forward and backward? If your answer is "your breasts," you're right. For many women, all...
  9. Health & Wellness

    Why running skirts are a girl's best friend

    Move over, running shorts. Step aside, capris. Running skirts are taking the streets (and trails) by storm. With an ever-growing...
  10. Health & Wellness

    What to eat the day of a race

    To make sure your body is properly fueled to run a race, you'll want to start prepping your body a week before. Here's everything...
  11. Health & Wellness

    What to eat the day of a training run

    Think of your body like a car: You must put fuel in the tank to perform. Without enough fuel, you won't make it very far. Without...
  12. Health & Wellness

    How to train for your first half marathon

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    So you've finally committed to 13.1 miles and now it's time to determine your training plan, adjust your eating habits and figure...
  13. Food & Recipes

    Sliced steak flatbread & apple slaw

    Pizza is a classic prerace meal for runners. We've taken the idea and turned it into an even better race meal by nixing the cheese...
  14. Food & Recipes

    Sausage & spinach pearl couscous with roasted root vegetables

    Fall is the perfect time for running a road race. While everyone focuses on getting those training miles under their belts, we've...
  15. Health & Wellness

    How to keep yourself entertained on the treadmill

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    Running on the treadmill can be one of the most daunting tasks when training for a race. It never ends; that is, until you give up...
  16. Health & Wellness

    Getting the most out of your running routine

    Feel like you're putting more into your cardiovascular workout than you're getting out of it? Identifying your goals and making some...
  17. Health & Wellness

    Yoga poses to tone your arms

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    Showing signs of early onset granny arms? Go from flab to fab with two bottles of water and this yoga sculpt set!
  18. Health & Wellness

    6 Exercises that banish belly fat

    Do you aspire to lose belly fat and become "abs-pirational"? Unfortunately, building great abs doesn't happen overnight, but with...
  19. Health & Wellness

    Foam roller exercise moves

    That weird cylindrical piece of equipment lurking in the corner of the stretching area at your gym shouldn't be ignored. Foam...
  20. Health & Wellness

    Body-weight training exercises you can do anywhere

    No gym? No problem! There's no reason you need to spend beaucoup bucks on a fitness center membership if you don't think you'll use...