1. Exercise & Fitness

    Injury prevention for runners

    Knowing how to train properly and safely is crucial to staying injury-free. Here are some tips to help prevent injuries from ruining...
  2. Exercise & Fitness

    Olympian Summer Sanders' running tips: "Lube where necessary"

    Former Olympic swimmer turned marathon runner Summer Sanders shares her best running tips for busy moms.
  3. Health & Wellness

    The 6 most common running injuries

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    There is no one reason why runners get injured, but a pretty consistent interaction of factors plays a role in most runner injuries.
  4. Health & Wellness

    6 Unique running groups to get your butt off the couch

    Exercising doesn't have to be boring. Don't just put one foot in front of the other; join a running group that does more than just...
  5. Health & Wellness

    Best yoga poses for runners

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    If you're a runner, it's essential to take some time to stretch those stems... and what better way to do it than by rolling out...
  6. Health & Wellness

    From A to DD: Choosing the right sports bra

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    What moves up and down, side to side, and forward and backward? If your answer is "your breasts," you're right. For many women, all...
  7. Health & Wellness

    Why running skirts are a girl's best friend

    Move over, running shorts. Step aside, capris. Running skirts are taking the streets (and trails) by storm. With an ever-growing...
  8. Health & Wellness

    What to eat the day of a training run

    Think of your body like a car: You must put fuel in the tank to perform. Without enough fuel, you won't make it very far. Without...
  9. Health & Wellness

    How to train for your first half marathon

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    So you've finally committed to 13.1 miles and now it's time to determine your training plan, adjust your eating habits and figure...
  10. Health & Wellness

    How to keep yourself entertained on the treadmill

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    Running on the treadmill can be one of the most daunting tasks when training for a marathon. It never ends; that is, until you give...
  11. Health & Wellness

    Getting the most out of your running routine

    Feel like you're putting more into your cardiovascular workout than you're getting out of it? Identifying your goals and making some...
  12. Exercise & Fitness

    5 Toughest races to run

    Think you have what it takes to race in the desert? How about through the jungles of Peru? We're sharing some of the toughest races...
  13. Endless Summer

    Summer's hottest tracks to work out to

    There's nothing better when working out than listening to a good song that kicks your energy level up a notch. Here are some of...
  14. Exercise & Fitness

    The craziest races and fun runs to get you moving

    Running or walking from the starting line to the finish line is no longer the norm when it comes to racing. From mud runs to...
  15. Exercise & Fitness

    Mudderella: Why women are getting down and dirty

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    Move over, Tough Mudder; there's a new obstacle course event in town and it's just for the ladies. The brand-new event is an...
  16. Super Moms Guide

    Having it all: Running circles around motherhood

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    Lately, it seems like moms are doing more than ever — they're working, cooking gourmet meals and crafting up a storm — all while...
  17. Benefitting Children

    Course of the Force run 2013

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    Being able to interact with fellow Star Wars enthusiasts is not the only reason to register for Course of the Force. Due to the...
  18. Health & Wellness

    Boston Marathon Bombings: United in running

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    What Megan Searfoss remembered most was how perfect the morning was. The weather, the crowd, the training. She was ready. But the...
  19. Health & Wellness

    Runners in shock after marathon bombing

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    Runners and non-runners alike have come together to send out positive thoughts and prayers to Boston after an explosion Monday that...
  20. Exercise & Fitness

    Five 20-minute treadmill workouts

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    Standard treadmill workouts are so dull: You get on, start the machine and go until it's time to stop. You might as well be a gerbil...