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    American Idol winner Ruben Studdard now a loser

    He's familiar with the reality show scene, but this time it's for his health. Ruben Studdard is set to appear on Season 15 of NBC's...
  2. Television

    American Idol 's Ruben Studdard will shed pounds on Biggest Loser

    American Idol 's Velvet Teddy Bear is in need of a little help losing weight. That's why Ruben Studdard is turning to The Biggest...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Ruben Studdard divorcing wife after just three years

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    The wife Ruben Studdard met at a Wal-Mart CD signing in Atlanta will soon be his ex, after just three years of marriage.
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    Who is American Idol top earner of all time?

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    American Idol has produced many great artists -- from Carrie Underwood to Kelly Clarkson and Adam Lambert. Which of the past...