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    Rosamund Pike had a hard time letting go after Gone Girl

    Rosamund Pike may not yet be a household name (at least not in the U.S.), but she has worked with some of the biggest actors in...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Baby bump alert: Rosamund Pike's pregnant with baby No. 2

    Gone Girl star Rosamund Pike has reason to celebrate — she's pregnant with her second child!
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    Jack Reacher movie review: Cruise reaches for justice

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    Based on the Lee Child novel One Shot , this action flick has twists and turns that will keep you guessing to the very end. In...
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    Movie review: Wrath of the Titans

    Sam Worthington is back as the gritty Greek demigod Perseus, who must reconcile with his lightning-powered father Zeus in order to...
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    Top 20 celebrity spring hairstyles

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    We've gathered 20 of Hollywood's hottest spring hairstyles. Take a look to see if your favorite celebrity made the list.
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    Paul Giamatti and Rosamund Pike explore Barney’s Version

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    Barney’s Version hits screens with star Paul Giamatti as the titular character. Barney is a complicated character and in the hands...