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    GIFs: 7 Ways romantic comedies are ruining our lives

    Romantic comedies make us laugh, cry and look at the significant others in our lives like big knuckle-dragging cavemen. Why can't...
  2. Relationships

    25 Romantic quotes from Nora Ephron and Nicholas Sparks

    Sweetest Day is a holiday to celebrate and appreciate your loved ones. What better way than with some inspirational quotes for...
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    Chelsea Handler explains This Means War Cheetos sex scene

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    If you think Chelsea Handler’s jokes on her late night show are raunchy, then virgin ears beware, This Means War is even more vulgar!
  4. Living

    Top 5 romantic movies to watch with your gals

    When hanging out with your best gal-pals, there's nothing better than loading up on sinful snacks and watching a romantic movie.
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    Most romantic movie scenes

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    Are you in the mood for a love story? Look no further! We've compiled a list of some of the most romantic movie scenes, all...
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    10 Chick flicks that never get old

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    When the weather hits escalated temps that could fry an egg on the ground, it's time to take the fun inside! Spend the sizzling...
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    Top 20 Valentine's Day DVDs

    This Valentine's Day, if you and yours are planning to keep the romantic celebration at home, does a romantic movie sound good? It...