1. Television

    Rogue recap: The sweet and sour of it all

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    It's a never-ending quest for whodunit.
  2. Television

    Rogue recap: Everything falls apart

    Three episodes in and I'm hooked. There's just one problem: After everything that happened tonight, I just can't decide on a hero.
  3. Television

    Rogue recap: Grace's quest for revenge begins

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    A little boy is killed, a marriage is tense, a mother-daughter relationship is in ruins and an affair seems plausible. All on the...
  4. Television

    Rogue recap: A new partner in crime?

    Picking up right where she left off, Grace is in a heap of trouble.
  5. Television

    How Claudia Ferri landed her role on Rogue

    Claudia Ferri had one exceptionally bad day work out pretty well for her!
  6. Entertainment

    Rogue Producer Patty Ishimoto spills details on DIRECTV's first original show

    What's to love about DIRECTV's new show, Rogue? The producer, Patty Ishimoto, fills us in on all the deets.
  7. Television

    The cast of Rogue talks revenge: Is it good or bad?

    Revenge: What is it good for? (Absolutely nothing.)
  8. Television

    Actor Profile: Rogue 's leading lady Thandie Newton

    Get ready for Rogue by getting to know Thandie Newton.
  9. Fashion & Style

    The art of dressing cool: How to look the part

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    There are some people that just “have it” when it comes to how they dress. No matter where they are, they seem to exude an...
  10. Sex

    Woman-in-charge sex positions

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    You handle work, family and finances with finesse. You're an alpha woman and proud of it — but when it comes to hopping into...
  11. Entertainment

    Alpha example: Jillian Michaels embraces partner and parenting

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    Best known as the tough talking buff from The Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels proved this year just how gutsy she really is by...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey: When alpha women go overboard

    An alpha woman, like an alpha male, leads and has command of every facet of her life. She has a successful and often powerful...
  13. Movies

    Unsung Alpha Women of Hollywood

    In the wide and often exaggerated world of Hollywood, many celebrities fight for the spotlight. Only a select few have survived the...
  14. Workouts

    Get the strongest body of your whole life

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    Achieving a strong body takes more than just lifting a few free weights or taking a kettlebell class here and there. There are many...
  15. Tips & Advice

    Nail it in the new year: How to find balance

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    Finding balance between motherhood and work and life can sometimes feel impossible (OK, maybe all the time).
  16. Tips & Advice

    The secrets of happy women

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    Have a friend who seems totally put together and cheerful all the time? That woman can be you. Find out what six real moms do to...
  17. Sex

    Shhh: Get the sex you want without speaking a word

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    Verbalizing what you like and where you crave being touched can be awkward, especially if you're shy. But we've got good news! There...
  18. Movies

    Fifty Shades of Yuck : Stomping Happy Meals and other things I learned in an S&M dungeon

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    With Fifty Shades of Grey at the top of many women’s reading lists, I can’t help but recall my own (brief) investigation into the...
  19. Skincare

    10 WTF beauty rituals

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    For centuries, women have been committing acts of medieval torture on themselves just to look, seem, smell or even just feel more...