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    Paula Patton liberated from Robin Thicke: Couple separates

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    After a slew of cheating rumors and scandalous photos with other women, Robin Thicke has separated from wife Paula Patton. The pair...
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    Keep Robin Thicke & his rapey song away: Boston U petition

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    Robin Thicke is persona non grata at Boston University because of his "sexist" song lyrics, says one student group.
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    We GIFed sexy video moves, and the result is hilarious

    Just in time for Valentine's Day, we turn the hottest moves from the music industry's sexiest stars into ridiculous GIFs. After...
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    5 Things that could've made the Grammys better

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    The 2014 Grammys gave us some fantastic musical performances — but there were a few missing moments that would have made the...
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    GIFs: Celebs bustin' a move at the Grammys

    The only thing more entertaining than the brilliant onstage collaborations at the 2014 Grammys was watching celebrities get their...
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    More blurred lines for Robin Thicke: Where's Paula Patton?

    Robin Thicke is going to have to explain another set of photos after he's caught canoodling with a young woman in Paris. Does his...
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    Miley Cyrus doesn't know how to top her 2013 antics

    The year 2013 was a big one for Miley Cyrus. But after making news all year, she is not sure how she can top that.
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    Robin Thicke & Ron Burgundy: Best Anchorman 2 promos

    Will Ferrell has launched a genius marketing campaign for Anchorman 2 that is taking Ron Burgundy to all the corners of North...
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    Lorde, Macklemore to perform at Grammy noms concert

    The Grammy nominations concert has become a huge event, and this year is no different. Watch Lorde, Macklemore, Taylor Swift and...
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    Simon Le Bon thinks Robin Thicke made a mistake with "Blurred Lines"

    Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon has enjoyed musical success and the icon has some words of wisdom to share with Robin Thicke.
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    Our AMA predictions in 60 seconds

    Not in the mood to read a dissertation on music history as it pertains to who will win the AMAs? Yeah, us either. Here are very...
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    Top 5 YouTube parodies

    Sometimes I sit drinking Red Bull in my cat pajamas and wonder who created the first parody ever. And then as I surf YouTube for...
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    VIDEO: Lily Allen slams pop culture in "Hard Out There"

    Lily Allen has made a living off slamming pop culture, and this time she took on the state of the music industry.
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    5 Best song lyrics of 2013

    10 on Top MTV host Lenay Dunn takes a look back at 2013 and shares what she felt were the best song lyrics of the year.
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    Marvin Gaye's family sues Robin Thicke over "Blurred Lines"

    Robin Thicke has found himself in an uncomfortable situation. He is being sued by Marvin Gaye's family, who claim the song that...
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    Spooky! Celebs dressed as other celebs for Halloween

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    What did your favorite star dress up as this pre-Halloween party weekend? Your other favorite stars! See who donned what...
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    Robin Thicke learned all he knows about women from his dad

    Robin Thicke has raised some eyebrows for his recent lyrics and dancing, all which relate back to sex. But he says he learned what...
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    Paula Patton discusses Robin Thicke's manhood

    Paula Patton is smitten with her man and has boasted to Glamour magazine about the size of his manhood...
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    The best mashups on the web

    The best DJs know how to take seemingly unrelated songs and seamlessly combine them into a new, awesome song. SheKnows has compiled...
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    Robin Thicke's parents wanted him to be a girl

    Robin Thicke's parents thought he was going to be a girl, and while their son’s gender may have initially shocked them, they have...