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  1. Celebrity Gossip

    Emma Stone: Celebrities who admit to googling themselves

    Some celebrities (Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts) are too cool to admit that they google themselves. Other stars admit that they indulge...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Robert Downey Jr. joins Twitter, fans follow in droves

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    Robert Downey Jr. joined Twitter today, and his following is growing by the tens of thousands with every second that goes by.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    6 Hollywood darlings who used to be infamous

    These Hollywood darlings went through some terrible times before they found their rightful places in the spotlight.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Top 3 best acceptance speeches at the 2014 People's Choice Awards

    The 2014 People's Choice Awards was filled with brilliant moments and acceptance speeches. Here are some of the best.
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Justin Timberlake: When superstars become starstruck

    It's hard to comprehend that some of our favorite celebrities are also fans, and when they meet their idol, they stammer and drool...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    5 Hottest celebrity sons you've never heard about

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    There has been quite a bit of idle internet chatter the past few days about Clint Eastwood's son Scott, and justifiably so. How has...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    POLL: Is Lindsay Lohan the next Robert Downey Jr.?

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    It seems despite her troubled past and the enemies she may have made along the way, fans and celebrities alike are rooting for a...
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Cut the check! Forbes lists 2013's highest-paid actors

    Once again, Forbes has revealed Hollywood's highest-paid actors. Some of them are earning cash both in front of and behind the...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    2013 Celeb superlatives: Most likely to Google themselves

    Some celebs love attention, and thanks to Google, they can see who's saying what and why. It may seem narcissistic, but they just...
  10. Movies & Reviews

    Robert Downey Jr. suits up for more Avengers sequels

    Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr. have struck a new deal. The actor's re-upped his contract and will reprise his role as Iron Man...
  11. Celebrity Gossip

    Oops! Robert Downey Jr. makes little boy cry

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    When a little boy visits the set of Robert Downey Jr.'s new film, he hopes to meet his hero Iron Man. But one look at the actor...
  12. Movies & Reviews

    Marvel wants to make Iron Man the next James Bond

    Iron Man 3 has been a huge success for Marvel and Disney. But with the third film came the end of Robert Downey Jr.'s contract. If...
  13. Movies & Reviews

    Battle of the flicks: Iron Man 3 VS. The Iceman

    Two very different men hit movie theaters today — one is very cold and the other is smokin' hot! So should you spend the evening...
  14. Movies & Reviews

    Iron Man 3 movie review: The suit makes the man

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    This third installment of the Iron Man franchise soars to new heights and reaches bold dimensions in 3D. Robert Downey Jr. and...
  15. Movies & Reviews

    Hollywood's 10 hottest superheroes

    Iron Man 3 hits theaters this Friday, kicking off yet another blockbuster movie season filled with super(hot)heroes. Which one of...
  16. Movies & Reviews

    Tony Stark suits up in MTV Iron Man 3 clip

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    Marvel Studios has released a new clip from Iron Man 3 . It features Tony Stark being attacked in his personal sanctuary — his...
  17. Movies & Reviews

    2013 MTV Movie Awards: Staff picks for shirtless category

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    We love the MTV Movie Awards because they pick the award categories we’re most interested in. Yes, we are specifically referring to...
  18. Star Spotlight

    Kickin' it with Robert Downey Jr. on his B-day

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    How do we love RDJ? Let us count the ways! From this spectacles to his... shoes, we love every inch of the actor in the Iron Man...
  19. Movies & Reviews

    Leighton Meester may face The Judge

    We loved to hate her as Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl and now she's embarking on yet another on-screen venture.
  20. Baby Names

    Famous April birthday baby names

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    From William Shakespeare to Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart — and yes, even "Sexiest Man Alive" Channing Tatum, April is a huge month...