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    And So It Goes ' Michael Douglas on Diane Keaton: "I've always admired her from afar"

    We loved him as the self-absorbed Liberace and Wall Street villain, Gordon Gekko. Now, the fearless Michael Douglas soars with his...
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    TRAILER: Will And So it Goes revive the rom-com genre?

    Rob Reiner, the director of the romantic comedy When Harry Met Sally , is back with And So it Goes , proving to audiences the...
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    New Girl casting news: Jess' parents return!

    Ready for a little family fun on New Girl ? Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis are back as Jess' parents. Plus, there are more new...
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    Jean Stapleton, Edith Bunker in All in the Family , dies at 90

    Jean Stapleton didn't gain fame until later in life, when she left us a character that has been copied dozens of times. But no one...
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    Flipped's Madeline Carroll reflects on Rob Reiner

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    Flipped opens wide August 27 and star Madeline Carroll is thrilled for the rest of the nation to discover what so many have fallen...
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    Flipped movie review: Flip for Rob Reiner's Flipped

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    Flipped director Rob Reiner had a run of hit films in the 1980s that audiences across age and gender adored which few filmmakers...
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    Flipped star Callan McAuliffe chats!

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    Callan McAuliffe is living the dream. The Flipped star spoke exclusively to SheKnows about appearing in the film that is being...
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    Flipped trailer from Rob Reiner

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    Flipped may star some big film names including Aidan Quinn, Anthony Edwards, Rebecca DeMornay and Penelope Ann Miller, but the...