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  1. Skincare

    Old-school tracks to jam out to in the car

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    When you need a little me time, take a drive and listen to awesome tunes. After all, music is one of those little indulgences that...
  2. Travel

    Our 10 favorite restaurants in the South

    Friends, the South has never been hotter. We aren't talking about temperatures either. Over the past few years, the Southern food...
  3. Travel

    5 Weekend trips from New York City

    Kick off the fall season with these five weekend trips from New York City!
  4. Travel

    Tips for saving money on the road

    Road trips are a blast, but the hit your wallet takes is no fun at all. These tips will help you save money on the road.
  5. Travel

    What your family really wants to do on a weekend trip

    Don't let the end of summer signal the end of this year's family adventures. You can capitalize on family togetherness with a few...
  6. Travel

    Your weekend road trip checklist

    If you're dreaming of hitting the road without a care in the world, make sure the trip runs smoothly with the help of our road trip...
  7. Travel

    20 Reasons to road-trip this weekend

    Too often, our minds are full of reasons why we can't just enjoy ourselves. For once, here's a list of all the reasons why you can...
  8. Travel

    Top 10 drives to see fall colors in the U.S

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    Every year, nature welcomes us with a new season of change. As we unpack the coats and scarves for autumn and come together with...
  9. Travel

    Best day trips in Arizona

    Arizona isn't just the desert and the Grand Canyon. If day trips are your thing, Arizona is your place. Here, we’re looking at the...
  10. Family Fun

    Three-day road trip ideas

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    SheKnows wants to encourage the spirit of adventure in our readers by inviting you to get mobile with your families... and not just...
  11. Family Fun

    Keeping kids entertained while traveling

    Road trips are a whole new animal when there are kids involved! These tips will help keep them busy while you're on the road.
  12. Travel

    America's most scenic road trips

    Let's escape the real world for a while, and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. Check out five of the most scenic road trips...
  13. Travel

    Fun car games for your family road trip

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    Instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination to bond with your kids, utilize the time on the road to enjoy some fun games...
  14. Travel

    Travel kits for kids: 15 ideas

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    Most kids love going on vacation, but long car rides can be a bore. Here are some tips on assembling fun and inexpensive travel kits...
  15. Dogs

    Road trip jitters: 8 ways to keep your pet calm on the road

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    If your dog isn't a cool cat during road trips, consider following these tips to alleviate his travel stress.
  16. Family Fun

    Tips for your Memorial Day weekend family road trip

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    Don't let Memorial Day weekend pass you by this year without planning a fun family road trip. It's not too late to put together a...
  17. Family Fun

    Best music to keep kids entertained in the car

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    We spend so much time in the car, it’s almost become a second home for our kids. Between driving to school, soccer practice...
  18. Travel

    Play ball! A guide to Cooperstown, New York

    Baseball fans, rejoice! The next season of America's favorite pastime kicks off on March 31, so why not visit the town where the...
  19. Living

    Be road-trip ready

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    Ah, the joys of the open road! You've packed your snacks, plugged in your playlist and taken the kids to the bathroom (again) — but...
  20. Travel

    How to travel with a toddler

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    Toddlers are crazy — they’re constantly on the go, they explore their surroundings and get into everything, and they...