1. Music

    iHeartRadio Music Festival superlatives: Most Likely to ...

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    Everyone performing at iHeartRadio Music Festival is some kind of superlative, so we came up with a few creative categories for this...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    Prosecutors question Chris Brown's community service

    Chris Brown's judge said he was doing a great job working on his required community service. But after a lack of progress reports,...
  3. Music

    "This Man Beats Women" label seen on Chris Brown CDs

    There seem to be more people out there who can't forgive, or forget, Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna. They include domestic...
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Lady Gaga, Chris Brown & Kate Middleton: Famous anatomy

    Riddle: What do Lady Gaga, Chris Brown and Kate Middleton all have in common? Not much. Other than they all made headlines this week...
  5. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Brown gets a terrible new tattoo

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    Chris Brown showed off a new neck tattoo in Las Vegas — and it left many people questioning whether or not it's of Rihanna.
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Katy Perry was majorly lovin' on Rihanna at the VMAs

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    The two singers held hands, and Perry even sang to Rihanna, at Thursday night's ceremony, but they've actually been close friends...
  7. Television

    VMA s: What Taylor Swift and Lil' Wayne have in common

    She's a demure country music cutie, and he's a rap star with a stint at Riker's under his belt. Obvious differences aside, however,...
  8. Music

    Rihanna, Chris Brown share intimate moment at the VMAs

    Folks watching the MTV Video Music Awards didn't see the smooch between Chris Brown and Rihanna, but a VIP camera set up by MTV...
  9. Music

    Rihanna upset over Justin Bieber's VMAs shut-out?

    Beliebers engaged in a Twitter war with One Direction fans ("Directioners") after their savior, Justin Bieber, came up empty-handed...
  10. Fashion & Style

    2012 MTV Video Music Awards: The night in fashion and beauty

    Oh MTV Video Music Awards, how we love to watch you! Not so much for the awards, but really for the outrageous fashions. So let's...
  11. Television

    Rihanna vs. Miley Cyrus: Who has the hotter VMAs hair?

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    It's attack of the short hairstyles on the 2012 MTV VMAs red carpet. Who wears short hair better, Rihanna or Miley Cyrus?
  12. Fashion & Style

    Celebrity body "flaws"

    What is it about celebrities that makes us feel so self-conscious about our looks? Hmm... maybe their amazing bodies, stunning...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Rihanna settles for Rob Kardashian

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    Rihanna has been on a Rob rampage lately — she's been clubbing with Rob Kardashian and texting Robert Pattinson. Apparently, she has...
  14. Celebrity Gossip

    Kardashian, then Pattinson: 6 More eligible Robs for Rihanna

    From riding go-karts with Rob Kardashian to trading flirty texts with Rob Pattinson, it looks like a certain Barbadian lady is...
  15. Celebrity Gossip

    Is Rihanna giving Robert Pattinson textual healing?

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    R-Patz may need to watch his back for Chris Brown, now that one of Rihanna's friends spilled the beans that the singer has been...
  16. Television

    Top 10 most epic VMA performances ever

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    Of all the awards shows on television, there isn't one more hotly anticipated than the MTV Video Music Awards. There are always epic...
  17. Hair

    6 Celebrity hair crushes

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    When it comes to looking great, celebrities have it easy. They have a team of makeup artists and hair stylists making sure they...
  18. Television

    4 Potentially awkward things that could happen at the VMAs

    The 2012 MTV VMAs air live Sept. 6, and — if past years are any indication — the night seems destined to deliver a steady stream of...
  19. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Brown's bipolar response to Rihanna's Oprah interview

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    Chris Brown took to his Twitter account on Sunday night and left clues for fans to interpret how he really feels about Rihanna's...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Chris Brown wants Rihanna to STFU

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    Rihanna is still talking about the night Chris Brown beat the stuffing out of her three years ago -- and he wants her to shut it. Is...