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    Rick Ross is suing LMFAO over "Party Rock Anthem" lyrics

    LMFAO's success is about to have a dark cloud shadowing it. Rapper Rick Ross has hit the pair with a copyright infringement lawsuit...
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    Rick Ross "betrayed" by Reebok over rape rap

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    Rick Ross thinks he deserves a second chance after Reebok dumped him over his rape rap — but Reebok strongly disagrees.
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    Rick Ross rape lyrics cause outrage: Should Reebok drop him?

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    Thousands of people are demanding Reebok drop hip hop star Rick Ross as a spokesman after a new song surfaced appearing to glamorize...
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    Hustle and flow: Rick Ross victim of drive-by shooting

    In a harrowing escape, rapper Rick Ross evades a drive-by shooting in Florida by crashing his Rolls-Royce into a residential complex.
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    Chaos at the BET Hip Hop Awards

    The show must go on, but the backstage brawl marred an otherwise celebratory night for hip-hop.
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    Rick Ross cancels another gig

    Rick Ross bails on event last-minute due to seizures.
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    Rick Ross has seizure on plane, tweets immediately afterward

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    Rapper Rick Ross is recovering after a health scare caused an emergency landing.