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  1. Entertainment

    Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's love affair

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    Beauty. Diamonds. Scandal. Passion. Money. Power. All the drama surrounding one of Hollywood's greatest love stories between...
  2. Television

    Liz & Dick "spectacularly bad"

    An early review for Liz & Dick , the TV movie Lindsay Lohan's people are hoping will restore the star's luster, calls the Lifetime...
  3. Television

    Ooh la la! Lindsay Lohan finds her Richard Burton

    Lifetime Television has done the impossible. They've found an actor to star alongside Lindsay Lohan in their Elizabeth Taylor biopic...
  4. Movies

    Martin Scorsese tackles Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton love

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    It’s no secret that the late Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had one of, if not Hollywood’s most talked about romances. Their...
  5. Relationships

    Elizabeth Taylor’s love life

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    They say behind every great woman is a great man, but in Elizabeth Taylor’s case, there were seven great men. In her 79-years,...