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    Revolution sneak peek: "The Stand"

    Revolution makes its long-awaited return tomorrow with a war, a handful of killings and a love triangle all unfolding in just the...
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    Do you think you can survive Revolution ?

    Test your Revolution fan knowledge skills with this mini quiz!
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    Revolution featured at WonderCon

    Get your costume ready because WonderCon is almost here, and this year, Revolution is joining the convention with exclusive...
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    Revolution web series available online

    The creators of Revolution have released a series of prequel webisodes called Enemies of the State , following Captain Neville as...
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    Revolution powering down SXSW

    SXSW, which celebrates original music, independent films and emerging technologies, will be losing power this year thanks to NBC's...
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    Billy Burke spills on Revolution love triangle

    Revolution star Billy Burke lets SheKnows in on all the love and drama we can expect to see when the show returns.
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    Revolution 's Charlie VS. Neville: War of the (ideal) worlds

    Whose world would you want to live in?
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    J.J. Abrams talks Season 2 of Revolution

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    Genius TV show producer J.J. Abrams chats with SheKnows about what's happening in Season 2 of Revolution .
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    David Lyons admits Revolution 's Monroe may meet his untimely death

    Will the end of Revolution's first season see the end of Monroe?
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    Revolution recap: Miles vs. Monroe

    The fight for power continues as Miles and Monroe face off for the first time in the Revolution fall finale!
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    Revolution Recap: Tunnel of horrors

    The gang must face a deadly tunnel full of dangerous surprises if they want to make it to Philadelphia to save Danny.
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    Revolution recap: Betrayed by blood

    Our little gang of bada** killers runs into some trouble when they rescue Nora's sister. Sometimes the family you choose is better...
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    Revolution sneak peek: The fam meets a new enemy

    Tonight on Revolution , we meet the one guy who can frighten Miles. Plus, we find out more about Mrs. Neville. And, Aaron messes...
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    Revolution recap: Branded

    A secret is revealed, the power comes on just in time, and Charlie joins the Militia.
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    Revolution recap: Kill or be killed

    Some things didn't die with the blackout, such as heroine and prostitution, and Miles leads the gang right into the center of it...
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    Revolution recap: Blow it up

    Charlie and Miles must stop Captain Neville from putting Danny on a train to Philadelphia, especially since there's a bomb on board....
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    Revolution sneak peek: Stop that train!

    As Revolution 's Matheson family struggles to stay alive and reunite with their long-lost members, their hunters are hot on their...
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    Revolution recap: Into the light

    As if militia and a kidnapped brother aren't enough to worry about, let's throw attack dogs and a revenge-seeking crazy dude into...
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    Revolution , Go On , The New Normal picked up for full seasons

    NBC is happy with its new schedule. Just after getting the news that it had won its first premiere week since 2003, it green-lighted...
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    Revolution recap: Miles' dirty little secret

    You'd think that the best time to keep your mouth shut is when you're tied to a chair, Rebels are bleeding out and Militia are...