1. Television

    Revenge recap: There's a new boss in town

    While plotting to ensure Daniel is elected CEO of Grayson Global, Emily wonders if there's more to life than revenge.
  2. Television

    Revenge recap: Ghosts of Thanksgivings past

    It's Thanksgiving 2006 in the Hamptons and things are getting crazy. Dark family secrets are revealed, enemies are made and new love...
  3. Television

    Revenge recap: Will the real Amanda please stand up?

    The truth is a dangerous thing when it winds up in the wrong hands, but no one knows how to spin it better than Emily.
  4. Television

    Revenge recap: Cold dead revenge

    It's all about wedded bliss in The Hamptons — from a sham wedding to a real proposal. But a frozen dead man and nosy Mason are going...
  5. Television

    Revenge recap: He without sin

    Forgiveness is hard for anyone, but it's especially tough to do when your mother tried to kill you. Can Emily forgive and forget?
  6. Television

    ABC brings the giggles when kids recap Revenge

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    What's more mind-boggling than the plot of Revenge ? The plot of Revenge through the eyes of grade-school kids. Still, they're...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    Man Candy Mondays: Josh Bowman

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    As far as teen heartthrobs go, Josh Bowman is an exquisite specimen of a young man. With British breeding, one fine face and a way...
  8. Television

    Revenge recap: Dangerous skeletons

    It's dangerous to dig up the past, but Emily's always carrying that shovel around. Will she learn her lesson before someone really...
  9. Television

    Revenge recap: Secrets revealed

    It's a big night for revealing secrets in The Hamptons and this time, someone is going to pay a big price.
  10. Television

    Revenge recap: Back from the dead

    Oh, the drama never does cease in The Hamptons, does it? No one in this little circle seems to know how to tell the truth without...
  11. Television

    Revenge recap: Are the mothers really dead?

    It's summertime in The Hamptons and Emily is back with a new mystery to solve, and a whole new pile of revenge to dish out. Can you...
  12. Television

    Plot twists and more shockers in Season 2 of Revenge

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    Revenge is a soapy melodrama that features complicated affairs, amazing society events, murder, suicide and more. Fans fell in...
  13. Fashion & Style

    Get the look: Emily VanCamp's Revenge style

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    Every once in a while, a TV show comes along and knocks our fashionable socks off. This year's winner? ABC's budding phenomenon,...
  14. Television

    ABC's Revenge casts Emily's missing mama

    None of the women on Revenge are mother of the year. Most of them are cold, manipulative and downright crazy. Now, Jennifer Jason...
  15. Television

    ABC Sundays: Housewives ' loss is Revenge's gain

    Here come the Graysons. The first family of Wednesday night is moving to ABC Sundays. The network has revealed their new fall...
  16. Television

    Revenge gets romantic with James Purefoy

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    ABC's Revenge is on a roll. The drama's become a hub for recurring guest stars like William Devane and Courtney B. Vance. The...
  17. Television

    ABC's Revenge scoops Law and Order veteran

    The folks on Revenge need legal help and Courtney B. Vance is the man for the job. The TV veteran has landed a guest spot on the ABC...
  18. Television

    The return of Revenge is sweet: Watch it here!

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    We've loved every minute of fake Emily Thorne's diabolical plan, but our girl is starting to unravel on Revenge . Wait until you...
  19. Television

    Revenge preview: "Loyalty"

    Now that the real Emily Thorne is making herself cozy in the Hamptons, will everything fake Emily has been working for go up in...
  20. Television

    Revenge preview: "Suspicion"

    Has Emily Thorne lost a key ally in her plot to take down the Graysons? Keep reading for a preview of this week's Revenge .