1. Careers

    5 Shady things people do when looking for a job

    Close to 50 percent of people lie on their résumés to get good jobs. What else are people doing in order to find work?
  2. Living

    10 Common résumé errors and how to fix them

    If you're having trouble landing a job interview, your résumé may be to blame. These tips will help your résumé get noticed (in a...
  3. Careers

    5 Effective ways to help employers find your résumé

    As if crafting a résumé and searching for jobs isn’t enough of a headache, these days you have to think about how to get your résumé...
  4. Careers

    Working Mom 3.0: Manage your resume

    You might assume that your need for a current resume is about as important as keeping your business wardrobe tailored and trendy...
  5. Living How-Tos

    How to create an award-winning resume

    A potential employer’s first impression of you is your resume. Make sure yours has them wanting to hire you before they even...
  6. Careers

    5 Ways to improve your resume

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    Sending out resumes and not getting any job offers? Maybe it's not you -- it could be your resume that's stopping employers from...
  7. Careers

    Resume tips for the stay-at-home mom

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    Planning to re-enter the workforce after staying home with your kids? The first step is to update your resume.While being a...
  8. School & Education

    Online education: 3 online learning opportunities

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    Education is always a good resolution to have for the new year. And sometimes a little brush-up is needed, whether it's to stay...
  9. School & Education

    How to find an internship

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    With all of the competition out there, landing your dream internship may seem impossible. Not so, says SheKnows. All you need to do...
  10. K-12

    Resume tips for new grads

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    With college degree in hand, new graduates now have the challenge of making themselves look good on paper. These resume tips for new...
  11. Careers

    More moms are heading back into the work force

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    Maybe your husband has just been laid off or rising prices require additional household income, or a divorce has increased your...
  12. Tips & Advice

    How to manage your career

    To succeed in today's demanding and ever-changing work environment, you must take charge of managing your own career. Gerard...