1. Dating

    Geek appeal is the new sexy

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    Guys looking to score a hot chick might be wise to put down the weights and pick up some coding skills. A new survey by Harris...
  2. Sex

    What to do when he's really bad in bed

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    Even though what happens between the sheets is only a fraction of what makes a fulfilling relationship, still — it’s a pretty...
  3. Dating

    Single isn't a life sentence

    The fear of ending up alone is causing many of us to settle for less in our love lives. As someone who loves singlehood and all of...
  4. Relationships

    Does out of sight out of mind really work?

    Once upon a time, my boyfriend and I broke up. Afterward, I did what any self-respecting woman would do: I avoided him and...
  5. Relationships

    What are your relationship rules?

    Is it normal to have ‘rules’ when you’re in a relationship? For some couples, it is — and here’s what they are.
  6. Dating

    How to get out of the friend zone

    Get him to see you as more than a friend by making these super-easy behavioral changes. He'll be calling you his boo in no time.
  7. Dating

    4 Reasons not to dump your slacker boyfriend

    Is your guy just not getting it together? Before sitting him down for the breakup talk, you might want to consider sticking around....
  8. Workouts

    The benefits of partner yoga poses

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    Got a guy? Great! Take him on a yoga date!
  9. Valentine's Day

    10 Valentine's Day gifts he won't be getting you

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    With Valentine’s Day just around the corner and love on your mind, it's best if you don't get your hopes up. Yes, in an ideal world...
  10. Valentine's Day

    11 Places your man won't be taking you for Valentine's Day

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    When it comes to Valentine's Day, sometimes men and women have different expectations. Women see the day as the romantic highlight...
  11. How-Tos

    How to... read his signs and make the first move

    The dating scene is changing. More and more women are slapping down that credit card after meals, and nowadays ladies are asking the...
  12. Sex

    Weird things people do after an orgasm

    We all have quirky habits, but none quirkier than our post-sex reactions. From laughing to crying to everything in between, intimacy...
  13. Dating

    The creepy future of dating

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    Robot sex! DNA dating! Dinosaur porn! New York City's Museum of Sex (our favorite museum, for obvious reasons) and data analysis...
  14. Relationships

    True story: My partner and I made a sex tape

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    Getting creative with your sex life isn't just about new toys or new places to try the deed. Sometimes, it's about empowering...
  15. Relationships

    6 Ways couples can use their differences to their advantage

    Of course you're going to get on each other's nerves from time to time — it's only natural. But what if the very quirks that...
  16. Relationships

    Is it true that if you treat a guy like dirt, he'll stick like mud?

    "Treat them like dirt and they stick like mud" — it's a curious adage, but it had to come from somewhere! We asked some of our...
  17. Dating

    How I dealt with my stage 5 clinger

    You know the one: He's good looking, funny, thoughtful... but the second you show any hint of being interested, bam! He goes nuts.
  18. Relationships

    How your best friend is influencing your relationship

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    A best friend can be a wonderful support to a relationship, or she can consistently undermine the relationship's overall...
  19. Dating

    My ex-husband ruined my dating life!

    You know how one minute you're in a happy and fulfilling marriage and the next you find out that your husband of 20 years has been...
  20. Relationships

    I found out my partner cheated on me from Facebook

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    Between checking in on Foursquare and hashtagging on Twitter, not to mention uploading to Instagram, our most precious moments are...