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    Keep calm and carry on: What to avoid fighting about

    December is a stressful month. If you've found yourself fighting more amid all that holiday chaos, you’re not alone. But there are...
  2. Relationships

    Survival tips for a holiday weekend with your boyfriend's family

    It’s not always easy to spend the holidays with your guy’s family, especially if you don’t know them very well. If the prospect of a...
  3. Dating

    Help! I hate my boyfriend's taste in gifts

    Not every guy is going to be great at picking out gifts. Some just seem to have a knack while others don’t have a clue. If your guy...
  4. Relationships

    Can't stand your in-laws? Try these techniques

    Not everyone is blessed with the ideal in-laws. In some cases, you might even wish you could trade yours in entirely. If that sounds...
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    Free love: No-cost ways to show your guy you care

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    The holidays are supposed to be all about giving, but what if you don’t have the budget to splash out on expensive gifts?
  6. Relationships

    Does your relationship need a digital detox?

    In the age of constant cell phone use, iPad addiction and basically having some kind of screen strapped to our hands at all hours of...
  7. Dating

    Is your beau lying?

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    Are you worried that your significant other is not where they say they are? Do you need some help figuring out if they're lying?...
  8. Dating

    3 Gift buying don'ts for new couples

    Being part of a new couple is always exciting — add in the magic of the holiday season and it’s hard not to feel doubly...
  9. Relationships

    Solutions for nightmare Thanksgiving scenarios with his family

    Holidays are supposed to be filled with fun, laughter and eating lots of great food. But sometimes, especially where blending...
  10. Relationships

    Just the two of you: How to have a romantic Thanksgiving

    If you and your partner don’t have Thanksgiving plans with a group, the holiday can actually be pretty romantic. Forget the...
  11. Relationships

    5 Easy ways to make more time for each other

    Finding quality couple time isn’t always easy and sometimes it can feel downright impossible to eke out even an evening to...
  12. Relationships

    Food fight: Splitting Thanksgiving between his family and yours

    One of the most frustrating things about being part of a couple during the holidays is figuring out how to divide your time. He...
  13. Relationships

    Let it all out: Why fights can be good for your relationship

    Most of us have been conditioned to think about fights as a negative part of being in a relationship, and that fighting means...
  14. Relationships

    Hey guys, we hate it when you...

    Does your guy have a bad habit you can’t stand? There are usually one or two things in every relationship that will drive a...
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    3 Reasons you could benefit from going to bed angry

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    We’ve all heard the age old piece of relationship advice to never go to bed angry, but is staying awake to finish a fight really all...
  16. Relationships

    Show him the love: Romantic gestures from you to him

    Whether the romance seems to be wearing thin, or you’re still wrapped up in the magical “honeymoon” phase of your relationship,...
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    Lessons in love and arguments from the presidential debate

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    Is it necessarily a bad sign if you and your significant other don’t agree on politics? Not at all. To the contrary,...
  18. Relationships

    Guy talk meets girl talk: Communication mistakes you could be making

    Communicating is easy, right? Not all the time and especially not when it comes to couples. Before you end up facing a communication...
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    How to start and end an argument the right way

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    Arguments are a fact of relationship life, but they don’t all have to end in tears, screaming matches or worse. Learning how...
  20. Relationships

    How to get your point across without nagging

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    Nagging is one of the biggest points of contention in many relationships. We all do it at some point or another, but the key is to...