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  1. Single Girls' Guide

    10 signs you’re getting catfished

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    You're a smart, savvy woman. You'd never fall head over stilettos for a gorgeous hunk of a man that you met online without a...
  2. Marriage

    How tying the knot can impact your taxes

    Getting married has a big impact on your taxes. To help you navigate the changes, TaxACT spokesperson Jessi Dolmage offers this advice.
  3. Single Girls' Guide

    Date disaster: Mistakes you don't realize you're making

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    Your problem isn’t so much getting a date as it is getting that person to ask you out again. Sound familiar? If so, find out all the...
  4. Marriage & Relationships

    Is he a smoker? Help your guy break his bad habits

    If your guy is holding onto a bad habit you can’t stand or that just isn’t good for him, we have some expert tips for helping him...
  5. Marriage

    The secret to a happy relationship: Be selfish

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    The first time I met my client Sylvia, she told me, “I am getting out of this marriage. Things are so bad. And he won’t even come to...
  6. Marriage & Relationships

    What is your body language communicating?

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    The way you talk, listen, look, hug, make love, move and react all speak volumes about the state of your emotions and what your body...
  7. Marriage & Relationships

    Is it time to end your relationship?

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    As that crystal globe cascaded down in Times Square not long ago, did you find yourself dogged by the nagging feeling that something...
  8. Marriage & Relationships

    Power struggles: Why being right can make everything wrong

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    You’re in the middle of another argument with your partner. They’re driving you crazy. Can’t they see that you’re obviously right,...
  9. Marriage & Relationships

    The anti-Valentines: 5 Reasons to skip the day of love

    Not everyone feels all mushy when they think about Feb. 14. In fact, there are quite a few people we know who think of it as just...
  10. Couple Time & Romance

    Splurge alert: 5 Fun things to save for as a couple

    There are a lot of things to save for: unexpected home repairs, retirement, a new home. But as important as it is to put money away...
  11. Dating

    Help! I met my boyfriend's parents and I don't like them

    Meeting your guy’s family is a huge step in your relationship and the best case scenario is that you love them. But what if you...
  12. Dating

    I hooked up with a guy on New Year's Eve: Will it last?

    So you ended the year with some serious sparks? It’s always fun to meet someone on New Year’s Eve and even more fun if you end up...
  13. Marriage & Relationships

    Keep calm and carry on: What to avoid fighting about

    December is a stressful month. If you've found yourself fighting more amid all that holiday chaos, you’re not alone. But there are...
  14. Couple Time & Romance

    Survival tips for a holiday weekend with your boyfriend's family

    It’s not always easy to spend the holidays with your guy’s family, especially if you don’t know them very well. If the prospect of a...
  15. Dating

    Help! I hate my boyfriend's taste in gifts

    Not every guy is going to be great at picking out gifts. Some just seem to have a knack while others don’t have a clue. If your guy...
  16. Marriage

    Can't stand your in-laws? Try these techniques

    Not everyone is blessed with the ideal in-laws. In some cases, you might even wish you could trade yours in entirely. If that sounds...
  17. Couple Time & Romance

    Free love: No-cost ways to show your guy you care

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    The holidays are supposed to be all about giving, but what if you don’t have the budget to splash out on expensive gifts? Rather...
  18. Marriage & Relationships

    Does your relationship need a digital detox?

    In the age of constant cell phone use, iPad addiction and basically having some kind of screen strapped to our hands at all hours of...
  19. Single Girls' Guide

    Is your beau lying?

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    Are you worried that your significant other is not where they say they are? Do you need some help figuring out if they're lying?...
  20. Dating

    3 Gift buying don'ts for new couples

    Being part of a new couple is always exciting — add in the magic of the holiday season and it’s hard not to feel doubly smitten. But...