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  1. Relationships

    Love your kids? Love your husband!

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    Once you become a mother, you’re supposed to sublimate your needs and fully embrace this role -- often to the detriment of your...
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    Fight right: How to argue with your spouse without getting nasty

    Arguing is a normal part of a healthy relationship. You're two different people, and it's only natural that you sometimes have...
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    How to keep your sex life alive after baby

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    The emotional connection between a couple after baby is miraculous. But finding time for sex in between feedings, burping and...
  4. Relationships

    For better, for worse: More couples staying married

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    It’s no secret that marriage takes work – including patience and a transport-trailer full of understanding. While expectations...
  5. Love Articles

    5 Ways to put the spark back in your sex life

    If your relationship has settled into a spot where sex is not quite as sizzling as it used to be, take heart. You can get the spark...
  6. Love Articles

    Revitalize your sex life

    Just because you are in a long-term relationship doesn't mean sex has to fade into the background. Make sex an important part of...
  7. Love Articles

    5 Ways to vamp up your sex life

    Between work, the kids and everything else going on in your life, it's no wonder that you may have let your sex life fade into the...
  8. Relationships

    What to do when your marriage goes south

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    Marriage is not all sunshine and rainbows. We all know that! But when your relationship flatlines, pulling the plug is not the only...
  9. Relationships

    Real couple gripes and how to solve them

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    Rare is the couple that never runs into relationship problems (regardless of how long you've been together or how well you...
  10. Relationships

    7 Signs you're headed for divorce

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    Although being paranoid about your relationship with your husband is probably not a good thing, if the signs are there and you...
  11. Relationships

    How to save a failing marriage

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    Getting caught up in the arguing, fighting and silent treatment can make a bad pattern hard to break. But if you want your marriage...
  12. Dating

    Fresh, fun, and sexy date ideas

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    If your Friday nights are mostly spent chilling on the couch with your man, you need to get out more, girl! Try these alternatives.