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    RENEWED: Did your beloved TV show earn another season?

    Want to know which of your beloved TV shows dodged the ax and earned another season? We've got updates from ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and...
  2. Television

    Reign to post more risqué cut of "The Consummation" online

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    Tonight's episode of Reign is getting two different cuts. One, with a racier sex scene, is headed to the online domain, while a...
  3. Television

    Fantasy gets another year! The CW announces early renewals

    We can all breathe a small sigh of relief, The CW has announced that The Vampire Diaries , Arrow and Supernatural , along with...
  4. Music

    Music review: The CW's Reign has a gripping promo track

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    What's in a name? Plenty. But for television promos, those few minutes onscreen have to be accompanied by just the right musical...
  5. Television

    Reign review: Almost-wedding comes to shocking end

    Have you seen the latest episode of Reign , called "Fated"? If not, be forewarned, spoilers ahead!
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    POLL: Does Reign 's Queen Mary belong with Bash or Francis?

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    Reign is beginning to feel like a tug-of-war contest and Mary Queen of Scots is the rope. Which of the King's sons are you rooting...
  7. Television

    Reign review: Bash gets the girl

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    Spoiler alert! This review contains major details that took place during the episode titled "A Chill in the Air" on Reign.
  8. Television

    The Originals and more get full season orders

    Twenty-two episodes here we come! The CW is putting faith in its freshman series and ordering full seasons of The Originals ,...
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    Reign review: Mary gets her way

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    Spoiler alert! The following review contains major spoilers for Reign 's oh-so-good episode, "Hearts and minds." Read on if you dare.
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    Reign sneak peek: Is Tomas aiming to kill?

    Bash is on his deathbed and Francis is unwinding with Mary. Just one thing: Mary is engaged to Tomas now. Who will be the target of...
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    Reign review: Mary almost marries

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    Reign 's third episode featured predictable predictions, blood and a wedding proposal all soundtracked by great music. Spoilers ahead!
  12. Television

    Reign review: Another day, another murder

    There's a price on Mary's head and a possible ghost by her side. While we're still interested, this week's Reign left us less...
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    Reign review: This season's sexiest premiere

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    Reign's premiere bites its thumb at the critics... and historical accuracy. For that reason: I approve. Spoilers ahead!
  14. Television

    Reign EP talks breaking away from history

    Which is more important: Historical accuracy or sexiness? That depends on who you ask! On Reign , you'll get plenty of sexiness.