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    Why you must see the new Thor: The Dark World trailer

    We need very little excuse to drop what we are doing, stoke up the tune “Dream Weaver," and engage in a little hunk appreciation....
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    Indulge your 1980s nostalgia with new releases on DVD

    With the Red Dawn remake, that Red Box may give you a Red Scare and have you reminiscing about the Cold War. Even Wreck-It Ralph...
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    The Hobbit sets record weekend at the box office

    As if we didn't see it coming, the debut weekend for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequel made a gigantic dent in the weekend...
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    Red Dawn movie review: Who’s afraid of the big, red wolf?

    These sexy boy-toys man-up to fearlessly lead a gang of teen vigilantes as they battle North Korean soldiers. But could an invasion...
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    Exclusive women of Red Dawn clip

    When North Korea invades small-town America, a group of teens must fight to save what's left of their roots. Luckily, they've got...
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    Patrick Swayze funeral plans

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    Patrick Swayze will be cremated before a star-studded funeral, according to reports.