1. Food & Recipes

    5 Healthy fruit salad recipes

    Need some new and inspiring ways to add more fruit to your diet? We've got some inspired fruit salads you might have never before...
  2. Food & Recipes

    10 Recipes using sustainable seafood

    Using sustainable seafood in these recipes is good for you and good for the planet.
  3. Food & Recipes

    Meal plan for the month: 4 Weeks of simple recipes

    Eating out can get expensive and whipping up home-cooked meals is no picnic either. The key is to plan ahead. This simple monthly...
  4. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    Organic foods you shouldn't waste your money on

    We all have that friend. The snobby one who only buys organic foods and then quickly tells us why we need to or we're failures as...
  5. Women's Health

    30 easy but healthy recipes mommy bloggers swear by

    If you're a mom, you're likely on the lookout for quick and healthy recipes — ones that the kids will actually like. Here are 30...
  6. Cookbooks

    Cookbook review: Giada's Feel Good Food

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    Looking to make sense of your mealtime and lifestyle habits? Giada De Laurentiis has some tips for you! Her latest cookbook, Giada’s...
  7. Cookbooks

    Cookbook review: Isa Does It

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    Are you hungry for fresh, approachable vegan recipes? Then crack open Isa Does It, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz! All levels of cooks...
  8. Super Moms Guide

    5 After-school treats for cold winter days

    Do your kids rush to the kitchen as soon as they come home from school? Reward them after a day of hard work with these fun and...
  9. Super Moms Guide

    14 Rainy-day craft and meal ideas

    Has the rain given you the blues? Think of it this way: A rainy day is the perfect time to conquer that craft or recipe you've...
  10. Cookbooks

    Cookbook review: Week in a Day by Rachael Ray

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    All of us lead busy lives, no matter what it is we're up to. Sometimes, making a meal at the end of the day is the last thing we...
  11. Family Recipes

    Our 25 most socially shared recipes of 2013

    When it comes to being social, these recipes are tops. From fabulously creative ideas to delicious ingredients to drool-worthy...
  12. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Transform the main dish into a centerpiece

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    Make a meal that is so beautiful and creative, it can serve as the centerpiece as well as the main entree. Bloggers share their most...
  13. Dieting & Nutrition

    Supermarket find: Good greens that last longer

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    Have you ever been so inspired to amp up your health that you rush to the grocery store to stock up on as many leafy green...
  14. Parenting Tips & Advice

    Brooke Burke talks motherhood, beauty secrets and her go-to recipe

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    Brooke Burke wears many hats, including mom of four, Dancing with the Stars host, actress, model, founder of and...
  15. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Mexican tortilla chicken salad

    After a long day, an easy salad can be the perfect meal for dinner. This Mexican tortilla chicken salad recipe featuring Hidden...
  16. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Garden vegetable dip

    Have a potluck coming up and don't know what to bring? This garden vegetable dip recipe featuring Hidden Valley Dips Mix is the...
  17. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Hidden Valley bacon & cheddar dip

    Summer and fall are the perfect times of year for backyard barbecues and gatherings of friends and family. This bacon and cheddar...
  18. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Cold pasta primavera salad

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    Add creamy ranch dressing to your pasta salads and your friends will be asking for your recipe secrets!
  19. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Napa Valley chicken salad

    Put a zesty twist on your summertime salads by adding Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing to chicken, pasta, potato salad and more!
  20. Kitchen Gadgets & Tools

    5 Best recipe-finder apps

    There's an app for everything nowadays, so it's no surprise there are hundreds of recipe-finder apps. Luckily, we narrowed down the...