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  1. Television

    Top 10 funny ladies we want to replace David Letterman

    Chelsea Handler notwithstanding, there is not nearly enough female representation on late-night television. While we mourn the...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    10 Celebrities who've been fat-shamed and how they got revenge

    It can be mighty disgusting how tabloids and social media sometimes berate celebrities for their weight, particularly pregnant...
  3. Movies

    Pitch Perfect 2 : 10 Life lessons we learned from the prequel

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    Now that Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have confirmed that Pitch Perfect 2 is really happening, we can finally celebrate! In...
  4. Fashion & Style

    Get the look: Rebel Wilson's pretty purple dress

    Rebel Wilson is one of the funniest ladies in Hollywood these days, but the star of Super Fun Night is also pretty stylish. Want...
  5. Entertainment

    10 Celebrities who won't wreck your daughter's body image

    Within the vast Hollywood sea of women who look so thin it makes us say, "Why do I even get out of bed in the morning?" There are a...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Rebel Wilson is proud of her body

    Rebel Wilson is proud of her body and believes her curves have helped her land movie roles. She now wants to inspire others to have...
  7. Television

    Will this TV trend change how we view the world?

    It's hard not to notice a recent trend in television where people who have been discriminated against, mocked or bullied are...
  8. Television

    Super Fun Night premiere photos: It's ladies' night!

    New photos have been released for ABC's Super Fun Night , starring Rebel Wilson. It looks like these girls know how to par-tay!
  9. Television

    Teen Choice nominee Rebel Wilson's best one-liners in GIFs

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    We can't stop laughing at Teen Choice nominee Rebel Wilson — and we don't want to — so we scoured the internet to find the funny...
  10. Fashion & Style

    Rebel Wilson tells us what to wear for a "super fun night"

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    Rebel Wilson gives out style advice that you can actually use.
  11. Television

    Rebel Wilson discusses what is Super Fun and what is not

    Rebel Wilson chats about her most embarrassing moments, how she's like her character on her new show Super Fun Night and what...
  12. Television

    Adam DeVine wants to make out with Rebel Wilson (again)

    Workaholics and Pitch Perfect 's Adam DeVine told SheKnows about some pretty intense make-out sessions with Rebel Wilson. Will...
  13. Entertainment

    2013 Celeb superlatives: Best sense of humor

    As you watch some of Hollywood’s funniest comedians, can’t you just imagine what they were like in high school? They were the kid...
  14. Movies

    Pain and Gain movie review: Steroids and breast milk

    Based on the real-life crime spree of Miami’s "Sun Gym Gang", Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Rebel Wilson star in this dark...
  15. Movies

    Pitch Perfect 2 confirmed for 2015

    Fat Amy and the gang are returning to the big screen!
  16. Movies

    Rebel Wilson does her best to save the MTV Movie Awards

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    Rebel Wilson's first big hosting opportunity was an interesting one. There were ups and downs at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, but no...
  17. Movies

    MTV Movie Awards brought actors, movies and awkwardness

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    The MTV Movie Awards show has been around for a long time now, and host Rebel Wilson was expected to make it a hilarious evening....
  18. Television

    2013 MTV Movie Awards: Why Rebel Wilson will be an amazing host

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    The MTV Movie Awards have always been looser and more fun than the other movie awards shows. They scored when they hired Rebel...
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    Join us for a little Rebel Wilson T or F

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    We shrieked with delight when we found out Rebel Wilson is going to host the 2013 MTV Music Awards. Why? Because that’s our reaction...
  20. Movies

    Exclusive photos: Pain & Gain feels the burn

    SheKnows brings you exclusive new photos from the set of Pain & Gain , the ripped-from-the-headlines new film starring Mark...