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    $400 Million for this flashy apartment is actually worth it

    Groupe Marzocco is building a 170-meter skyscraper in the heart of Monaco, equipped with luxurious penthouse apartments available...
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    Houses on America’s oldest street are more modern than you might think

    Elfreth's Alley, a historic block in Philadelphia, has four houses up for sale and they're all down the street from the Liberty...
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    Malibu's million dollar mobile homes

    Who needs a huge mansion to live up the life in Malibu? These double-wides are just as lavish and worthy of the California coast. A...
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    Catherine Zeta-Jones puts her country getaway home up for sale

    Catherine Zeta-Jones confirms the rumors that she and husband Michael Douglas are getting back together by listing her getaway home....
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    House hunters: What $300K will get you in Miami

    There are few places in the world as vibrant, diverse and, well, cool as Miami. With its world-class restaurants, hot nightlife and...
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    Mila Kunis lists her dreamy Los Angeles home

    What do you do when you have a baby on the way with one of Hollywood's hottest actors? Move in with your new baby daddy and stock...
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    Celebrity real estate: Kim Kardashian, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum hit the housing market

    It's official: A day in the life of celebrity real estate is just as exciting as a day in the life of the actual celebrity. By...
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    Michael Jackson once rented this Las Vegas palace, now it's for sale

    A diplomat from El Salvador is selling his 24,000 square foot home in Vegas, but it's not the ridiculous real estate that makes this...
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    Harry Potter's magical world comes to life on the streets of Montana

    Harry Potter fans rejoice! Not only can you now visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, London and a soon-to-be...
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    Renee Zellweger is selling her gorgeous country home

    Can you say "dream home"? Renee Zellweger has listed her ah-mazing Connecticut farmhouse for the second time since purchasing it in...
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    This old church was transformed into a gorgeous modern home

    Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of living in an unconventional structure — such as an old church — is knowing that you helped to...
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    What $300K will get you in New York City

    Ready to make the big move to the big city? Find out what $300K can buy you in New York City.
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    10 Tiny condos jam-packed with style

    These teeny, chic condos prove that bigger isn't always better.
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    8 Striking beach houses on the California coast

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    Beach houses may be a fantasy for many of us, but they can still be a significant source of inspiration to bring a bit of the beach...
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    How to know you're buying a house in the right neighborhood

    You can get lost in the many factors involved in buying a house. However, one thing that is vital to success in your purchase is...
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    Celebrity properties up for grabs: Ranches, mansions and more

    From a 30th floor penthouse to a ballroom built under the front lawn, lavish private properties never cease to amaze.
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    10 Most popular design trends for luxury homes

    When the average home buyer looks for a home, they typically have a list of must haves, like gourmet kitchens, en suite bathrooms...
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    1910 Florida mansion moved down river on a barge

    To win The Wall Street Journal 's House of the Week, this 1910 Florida mansion sailed 25 miles downstream. See this amazing...
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    Do I need a home inspection?

    You're buying a house and your Realtor asks if you'll be getting a home inspection. They cost between $250 and $400 and take up...