ravioli recipes

  1. Cooking & Entertaining

    The only time it's OK to stuff your heart with cheese

    Ravioli can be a little square (see what we did there?) so update it with a fun shape in time for Valentine's Day. Plus, now you can...
  2. Quick & Easy Recipes

    3 Meals in 30 minutes or less

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    Let's face it — we are all busy, especially us moms! Here are three great family meal ideas ready in under 30 minutes: Baked ravioli...
  3. Cooking & Entertaining

    Homemade ham raviolis with Swiss cheese sauce

    Have stacks of Tupperware filled with leftover Easter ham? Skip the sammie and stuff your favorite holiday meat into an adorable...
  4. Dessert Recipes

    Fried Nutella ravioli

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    Love is in the air! These simple heart-shaped raviolis are stuffed with Nutella. Lightly fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar,...
  5. Cooking & Entertaining

    Fried lobster ravioli with red pepper cream sauce

    Who knew ravioli could be served as an appetizer? It can be in this awe-inspiring deep-fried starter.
  6. Cooking & Entertaining

    Sunday Dinner: Easy wonton pumpkin ravioli

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    What could be better than homemade pumpkin ravioli? Not enough time for homemade? Think again!
  7. Quick & Easy Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Ravioli with shallot-thyme-poppy seed butter recipe

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    Shallots, poppy seeds and thyme aren't usually ingredients you see together. But saute them up in some butter, and you have a...
  8. Brunch Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Mushroom ravioli in a mushroom cream sauce recipe

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    Ravioli is a favorite among adults and kids alike. But instead of the standard meat or cheese-filled pasta pillows, why not try a...