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    Ravenswood canceled! Is Caleb returning to Pretty Little Liars ?

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    ABC Family has decided Ravenswood won't be getting a Season 2, but all our hopes won't be lost if it means Caleb is returning to...
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    Ravenswood review: Reunited and it feels so good

    The Ravenswood winter finale satisfied in many ways by answering questions and reuniting long lost lovers who have never even met.
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    Ravenswood preview: Hanna's out to confront Miranda

    It's already here: the first finale of Ravenswood ! Hanna decides it's time to confront Miranda about stealing her guy. What do you...
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    Ravenswood review: Tea party with evil

    On "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead," Remy enters a sleep clinic and, while she does get some sleep there, she goes even deeper into her...
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    Ravenswood review: A night of revelations

    On "Home is Where the Heart is (Seriously. Check the Floorboards)," parents aren't the only ones lecturing the teens in Ravenswood.
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    Ravenswood review: Dreams show the way

    Remy tries lucid dreaming to find out more about what happened when the pact originated and learns more than she imagined.
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    Ravenswood sneak peek: It's going up in flames!

    There's just a little over a month before the second half of Ravenswood Season 1 begins. Find out what's in store!
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    Ravenswood review: Welcome to the new normal

    Caleb learns that he and Miranda are at the heart of the curse on Ravenswood , but that doesn't mean answers are easy to come by as...
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    Ravenswood review: Into the light

    What if "The Devil Has a Face" and it's the one you waited your entire life to see? Miranda might have met the devil, and it was...
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    Ravenswood shocker: Are Caleb and Miranda related?

    There are two episodes left before the Ravenswood mid-season finale and they promise some big reveals. Take a look at Caleb and...
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    Ravenswood review: Is the town curse a death pact?

    Miranda was laid to rest, Caleb got a job and the remaining survivors learned about the troublesome possibility of a death pact that...
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    Ravenswood review: The ones that got away

    On "Death and the Maiden," our suspicions were confirmed when Miranda didn't make it out of the river alive. By the end of the hour,...
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    Ravenswood : Will everyone make it out of the river?

    At its heart, Ravenswood is a ghost story. Taking clues from photos and episode descriptions provided by ABC Family, a theory...
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    Ravenswood Review: Welcome to a town soaked in death

    Ravenswood has all the ingredients for a spellbinding, supernatural drama. It knows its audience and plays to its strengths...
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    7 Creepy clues to what's ahead on Ravenswood

    Caleb thought he had it rough in Rosewood, but his newly adopted town seems to have it in for him. Soaking away your troubles could...
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    Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other new TV shows this fall

    With an abundance of exciting new shows premiering this fall, we look forward to plenty of cozy nights snuggled up on the sofa with...
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    Ravenswood trailer: First footage released

    Our favorite computer hacker is saying goodbye to Pretty Little Liars and heading over to a show of his own, Ravenswood . Here's...
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    PLL 's Tyler Blackburn on Ravenswood : A scary, creepy mystery

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    Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn confirms he's leaving the hit ABC Family show to join the new supernatural thriller...
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    INTERVIEW: PLL Exec. Producer I. Marlene King talks red coat, Wilden’s trunk & Season 4

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    Remember when A texted "Nosy b*tches die!" to the Liars? Well, we hope that's not true, because with the Season 4 premiere just...
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    PLL spinoff Ravenswood grabs 3 leads

    Welcome to Ravenswood, Brett and Elizabeth!