quit smoking

  1. Well-being

    What quitting smoking is really like

    Once upon a time, I decided to quit smoking. After 2,437 failed attempts, I wasn’t living happily ever after. (Since, you know,...
  2. Women's Health

    How nicotine patches still harm your pregnancy

    Are pregnant smokers who want to quit or cut down better off using nicotine replacement gums, patches or lozenges?
  3. Well-being

    E-cigarettes may help smokers quit

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    A new study out of Italy showed that people using e-cigarettes can leverage the devices to quit smoking.
  4. Women's Health

    Meds work to stop smoking

    A review of medical studies suggests that some medicines are successful at helping smokers kick the habit.
  5. Women's Health

    Women's Health Week: Expert advice

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    It's National Women's Health week, and while you shouldn’t wait until a week like this to think about your health, it...
  6. Celebrity Gossip

    Trying to quit smoking? Get inspired by your fave celebs

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    Addiction is the great equalizer. It affects us all the same, regardless of fame and fortune. Quitting smoking isn’t any easier just...
  7. Living

    Best apps for the iPhone: Apps to quit smoking

    Trying to kick that nasty cigarette habit? These iPhone apps can help. These apps employ everything from research studies to...
  8. Sex

    Healthy habits for better sex

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    Good health and good sex go hand in hand. We talked to Dr Eric Braverman , author of Younger (Sexier) You , and he provided this...
  9. Well-being

    10 Ways to take control of your health

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    Have the last few weeks of family gatherings and holiday festivities left you feeling unhealthy and out of control? Take heart — a...
  10. New Year - Your Body

    10 Reasons to quit smoking

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    Did you know that cigarette smoking is the #1 cause of preventable deaths in the US - with one in every five deaths being related to...