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    Kate Middleton's royal birthday present from the queen

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    Kate Middleton is celebrating her 31st birthday, and she received an extra-special gift from the queen. Hint: It's for the baby, too!
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    Kate Middleton's parents invited to royal Christmas

    Queen Elizabeth might just be the most adorable in-law ever. She's breaking years of tradition to accommodate the pregnant Kate.
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    Kate Middleton prank called while in hospital

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    An Australian radio station prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is staying. No word yet on if this...
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    Kate Winslet is honored by Queen Elizabeth

    Kate Winslet has done a lot in her life, but for the very first time today, she met Queen Elizabeth II. The queen honored the...
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    Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip celebrate 65th anniversary

    The queen and her consort were married in the first half of the 20th century. Tuesday marked a historic milestone for the British...
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    One Direction banking on teens with an oral fixation

    One Direction partnering with Colgate to sell toothpaste doesn’t take Dr. Freud to figure out that prepubescent girls have...
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    Celebrity-inspired Halloween costumes

    What do rednecks and the presidential debate have in common? Inspiring popular Halloween costumes for 2012! Yes, it’s time to...
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    Closing Ceremony a success: "Britain, we did it right"

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    The ceremony was everything it promised to be, with plenty of British pop music and oozing with British culture. With the 2012...
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    William and Harry are enjoying London games, family bonding

    The princes talk about how proud they are of their country and their family. And how none of them knew Queen Elizabeth II was...
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    Barbara Walters and Joan Rivers royally rip the Queen

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    Not even regal Queen Elizabeth is immune to the harsh criticism of the media. Read on to find out what catty remarks were made by...
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    Royals cheer on cousin Zara Phillips at the Olympics

    Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter becomes only the second royal to compete in the Olympics.
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    Friday night's Olympic Opening Ceremony sets ratings records

    Friday night's ceremonies in London were viewed by over 40 million Americans and had over 5 million comments on Twitter.
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    James Bond escorts Queen Elizabeth to the Olympics in style

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    Queen Elizabeth can't simply take a car to the 2012 Olympic Games in London. No, she has to arrive in style -- what better way to do...
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    Queen humiliates Kate -- It's a curtsey controversy!

    The Queen is knocking Prince William's wife down a peg or two, courtesy of recently released protocols. These protocols dictate how...
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    See controversial Kate Middleton ad while you can!

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    The TV spot featuring a look-alike Queen, Prince William and Kate goes up, but it doesn't stay that way, as media outlets 'round the...
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    Health scare forces Prince Philip to miss remainder of Jubilee

    This morning as the royals attended their Service of Thanksgiving at St. Paul's Cathedral in conjunction with the Queen's Diamond...
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    Man down! Prince Phillip hospitalized in midst of Jubilee

    Queen Elizabeth II's husband of 64 years is sent to the hospital Monday morning with a bladder infection. Her Diamond Jubilee goes...
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    Prince Harry: The Queen is funnier than me

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    Prince Harry might be a huge jokester, but at least one person in his famous family has him beat: His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth!
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    Prince Harry cheats during his trip to Jamaica

    Prince Harry spent the last week traveling through the Bahamas and South America in honor of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee tour. On...
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    Prince Harry goes on tour

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    Prince Harry is taking the lead during his first official trip to the Bahamas and South America. What will he do while near the...