pumpkin recipes

  1. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Pumpkin pasta with kale and almonds

    Easy and full of healthy ingredients, this winter pasta is a winner!
  2. Gluten Free Recipes

    Gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake

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    Everyone expects pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, but what about pumpkin cheesecake? Thought you couldn't make it gluten-free? Think...
  3. Baking

    3 Whole wheat pumpkin desserts

    Are you pumpkined out yet? Good, because we aren't either! We've made our favorite pumpkin desserts just a tad healthier by adding...
  4. Fall Recipes

    3 Savory pumpkin recipes

    It's that time of year when pumpkin takes over the kitchen. These savory pumpkin recipes will satisfy all your seasonal cravings.
  5. Baking

    Pumpkin seven-layer bars

    Lots of flavor and seven layers of deliciousness. Coconut, pumpkin, nuts and sweet chocolate morsels. What's not love?
  6. Family Recipes

    Pork & pumpkin stew

    A one-pot hearty stew that will warm you right up!
  7. Breakfast & Brunch Recipes

    Homemade fried pumpkin doughnut drops

    Hello homemade doughnut holes! These little drop pumpkin doughnuts are perfectly cooked and then glazed.
  8. Family Recipes

    Pumpkin brown butter macaroni and cheese

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    Macaroni and cheese just got better. Pumpkin, brown butter and Parmesan sage breadcrumbs put this cheesy pasta dish over the top!
  9. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Delicious pumpkin empanadas

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    Want a fun twist on pumpkin pie? These empanadas are filled with a spiced pumpkin filling and baked until golden brown. They are...
  10. Family Recipes

    Pumpkin pie oatmeal with homemade cranberry granola

    Start your morning with a hearty breakfast. You will stay full till lunch with this fresh pumpkin oatmeal and granola.
  11. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Pumpkin coconut pudding

    A creamy, fall-inspired pudding that's healthy to boot!
  12. Nutrition & Diet Tips

    10 Reasons to eat more pumpkin

    Are you a pumpkin lover like me? Luckily, it's healthy — and here's why you should be eating even more of the delicious fall fruit...
  13. Fall Recipes

    Wild rice and sausage-stuffed mini-pumpkins

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    Hearty, seasonal and definitely festive, this dish is what you want to serve for fall fun! Mini-pumpkins serve as the bowls in this...
  14. Baking

    Pumpkin-raisin bread with cream cheese frosting

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    Savor the flavors of fall! This sweet bread is perfect for a seasonal dessert or served in the morning with coffee.
  15. Family Recipes

    Pasta with pumpkin cream sauce and crispy sage recipe

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    A wonderful, comforting pasta dish with all the flavors of the season!
  16. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Pumpkin and ricotta pasta casserole

    Who would have thought that pumpkin and ricotta would pair so well together? This simple pasta casserole dish is full of fall flavor...
  17. Fall Recipes

    Mini gluten-free pumpkin tarts

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    A gluten-free crust made of almond flour is pressed into mini tart pans and filled with a pumpkin filling. Top these treats off with...
  18. Food & Recipes

    Pumpkin hot chocolate

    How do you make a hot cup of cocoa better? Add pumpkin!
  19. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Pumpkin hummus in a pumpkin

    Don't worry. We promise this hummus is not traditional, but it is delicious. Try pairing it with cinnamon sugar pita chips.
  20. Baking

    Two-ingredient pumpkin cookies

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    With just two ingredients, you can go from dessertless to dessert in under 30 minutes. You're not going to believe how easy this...