1. Celebrity Relationships

    Man Candy Mondays: Michael Fassbender

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    Michael Fassbender isn't a beefy muscleman. He's not hyper-masculine. He doesn't have long, flowing Samson locks or a super-hetero...
  2. Movies & Reviews

    Friday's box office winners and losers

    Friday night's box office sales are in, and the answers may surprise you.
  3. Movies & Reviews

    Madagascar 3 repeats with No. 1 box office win

    There’s a double take this week at the box office because things look exactly like last week -- Madagascar 3 coming in first and...
  4. Movies & Reviews

    Prometheus screenwriter solves film’s mysteries… sort of

    Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic Prometheus opened over the weekend, and while fans expected a prequel to Alien , what they got was...
  5. Movies & Reviews

    Madagascar 3 trumps Prometheus for No. 1 at the box office

    The sequel to the much-loved lost zoo animal film beats the sci-fi thriller from Ridley Scott in a box office showdown that had...
  6. Movies & Reviews

    Prometheus movie review: Move over HAL and Siri

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    In the ancient Greek myth, Prometheus is the Titan who steals fire from the gods, giving humans power they were never meant to have....
  7. Movies & Reviews

    Charlize Theron sizzles in new Prometheus trailer

    The new Prometheus trailer builds suspense for the highly anticipated film from renowned science-fiction director Ridley Scott.