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    PHOTOS: 7 Times Kate Middleton's Australia style honored Princess Diana

    Prince William and Kate Middleton have been enjoying their trip to New Zealand and Australia, but it looks like the trip has given...
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    Kurt Cobain Day: How we'd mark these dead celebrity days

    Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Wash., has declared Feb. 20 as Kurt Cobain Day. That got us thinking. We need to kick it up a...
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    Kim K. or Beyoncé: Who has the most expensive engagement ring?

    Kate Middleton's engagement ring from husband Prince William was envied by girls all over the world. But it was far from the most...
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    Brittany Murphy poisoned? Strange celebrity deaths

    Celebrities live much bigger lives than the rest of us, so why should their deaths be any different? When it comes to certain...
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    New Diana trailer explores the Princess' secret life

    Naomi Watts is exploring Princess Diana's dark side. In the self-titled biopic, she reveals a hidden truth about the icon.
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    Naomi Watts concerned how princes will react to Diana

    Naomi Watts took on a big task when accepting the role of Princess Diana, but she was more concerned with how Diana's sons would react.
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    5 Tips Kate Middleton can learn from Honey Boo Boo's mom

    Poor Kate Middleton and Prince William. They are going to be bombarded with unsolicited parenting advice. Groan. If they really want...
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    Princess Diana's presence is felt as royal baby is born

    As the latest addition to the royal family is welcomed into the world by millions, we pause to reflect on and honor the new royal...
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    What will Kate Middleton wear when she leaves the hospital?

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    Kate Middleton is in labor right now, but we're already thinking about what she'll wear when she introduces the littlest royal to...
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    Royal maternity style: Kate Middleton and Princess Diana

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    They may have never met, but Princess Diana and Kate Middleton are kindred spirits in more than one way. They both share a love for...
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    Book says Freddie Mercury took Princess Diana out clubbing

    Princess Diana couldn't escape the media, but a new book says one night in the 1980s, her friends disguised her as a man and took...
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    Sunday Times compares Rihanna to Princess Diana

    A fresh look at the drama from Rihanna's life.
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    Lessons to learn from past royalty-moms

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    Kate Middleton is about to join a group of elite royal mamas. Here are some lessons she can learn from their triumphs and scandals.
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    Princess Diana's name lives on in newborn niece

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    Princess Diana passed away almost 15 years ago, but her memory lives on in brother Earl Spencer's newborn daughter.
  15. Entertainment

    Elton John talks about why it took him so long to come out

    Elton John told Matt Lauer in an interview this morning that the reason he didn't publicly come out sooner was simply because no one...
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    Princess Di murder conspiracy documentary ditched

    Why is a documentary bankrolled by the father of Princess Di's boyfriend, billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, being shelved?
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    Michael Jackson and other celebs we wish weren't dead

    You know how some celebrities pass and you’re kind of like, “That’s a bummer,” and then you go back to eating your frosted Cheerios?...
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    Prince William celebrates 30th, to inherit $15 million

    What do you give the prince who has everything on his birthday? Around $15.7 million. As Prince William turns 30 on Thursday, he...
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    Prince William reveals his one wedding regret

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    Prince William hasn't publicly spoken a lot about his late mother, Princess Diana, until now: The dapper husband of Kate Middleton...
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    Top fairy tale weddings & why we loved them

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    Very few people get to enjoy the sort of magical weddings that end our favorite fairy tales. In honor of this Saturday's royal...