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    Kate Middleton's friends bug her with baby name ideas

    We'd give anything to see Kate Middleton's inbox. The Duchess of Cambridge says her friends "keep texting" her potential baby names.
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    Kate and Wills disagree over whether they want a boy or girl

    The parents-to-be are looking to the future. But according to Kate, they do not yet know the gender of their baby — and they aren't...
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    What does Kate Middleton call her royal baby bump?

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    Many pregnant couples come up with an endearing nickname for their little baby-in-utero: the worm, the muffin, little munchkin....
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    Becoming a grandfather makes Prince Charles feel old

    Prince Charles is now 64 years old, and is realizing having a new grandchild will change everything.
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    Sam Branson marries Prince William's ex, Isabella Calthorpe

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    Isabella Calthorpe, the society girl Prince William almost popped the question to, married Sam Branson today. And oh yeah,...
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    Did Kate Middleton (accidentally) reveal the sex of her baby?

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    The future Queen of England has not gotten used to guarding her most private secrets, and it appears she may have given away a big...
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    Will and Kate jet off to Mustique for babymoon

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    The couple head off to the royal playground of Mustique to enjoy their last baby-free months before the onslaught of royal midnight...
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    Prince Harry: I killed insurgents in Afghanistan

    Prince Harry is done with his second tour in Afghanistan and is talking about the horrors of war.
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    Save the date: The royal baby arrives in July!

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    After weeks of speculation, we finally have a date for the most anticipated royal birth since Prince William: Kate Middleton is due...
  10. Fashion & Style

    It's here: Palace unveils official Kate Middleton portrait

    Buckingham Palace has finally revealed Kate Middleton's official portrait. We're not impressed.
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    Kate Middleton DJ hoaxers could be charged

    After a hoax phone call that resulted in the death of a nurse at the hospital where Kate Middleton was staying, it looks like the...
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    The Mayans were wrong: How celebs will ring in New Year's

    It’s post-Dec. 21 and we’re still here! You know what that means. Hollywood players will live another year of marvelousness for all...
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    Channing Tatum and wife expecting: Prettiest babies of 2013

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    They haven't even been born yet, but we can already predict that these babies are going to be pretty darn cute — just look at their...
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    Australian DJs break their silence on nurse's suicide

    Australian radio announcers Mel Greig and Michael Christian gave their first interview about nurse Jacintha Saldanha's suicide.
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    Kate Middleton prank DJs go into hiding after suicide

    Nurse Jacintha Saldanha killed herself on Friday, just three days after she mistook Australian radio hosts for the royal family....
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    Kate Middleton's nurse dead in apparent suicide

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    A nurse swept up in the Kate Middleton radio hoax has been found dead in an apparent suicide, leaving her colleagues and the royal...
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    Kate Middleton prank called while in hospital

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    An Australian radio station prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is staying. No word yet on if this...
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    Brits take to betting on the royal baby

    The royal couple are thrilled at the news of their impending bundle of joy, but their fellow countrymen are already trying to make...
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    New mom Snooki offers Kate Middleton parenting advice

    New mom Snooki just got through with her first pregnancy experience and decided to share some of what she learned with future mom...
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    Kate Middleton: Why she wishes she'd married a plumber

    After months of Jennifer Aniston-like speculation about being pregnant, Kate Middleton is pregnant. Why does this particular example...