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    Britain is betting on another royal wedding

    Prince Harry is about to hit the big 3-0, but is he ready to take a big step in his life? Bettors are hoping so.
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    Prince Harry launches sporting event for injured troops

    Prince Harry has officially launched a Paralympic-style championship for injured servicemen and servicewomen to honor and help...
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    Prince Harry builds the best toilets, reveals Dominic West

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    Of all the skills one would expect Prince Harry to have, this one will probably take you by surprise.
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    Prince Harry quits flying Apaches for a desk job

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    Prince Harry is taking on a new role — and although it's still with the Army, it has much deeper royal ties than his official career...
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    Prince Harry finally listens to the queen! His beard is gone

    If you are the queen of England, you can get what you want — even if means getting your rebellious grandson to shave his beard.
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    What breakup? Prince Harry & Cressida go on burger date

    Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas put a stop to the rumors they were splitting up by going on a hamburger date together.
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    Prince Harry and walking teams forced to leave South Pole

    Bad weather forced Prince Harry and the other team members out of the South Pole where they were participating in the Walking With...
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    VIDEO: Prince Harry completes trek to South Pole

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    The South Pole is a little sexier today after Prince Harry completed his trek to raise funds for the Walking Wounded.
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    VIDEO: Prince Harry takes an early lead in South Pole race

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    After days worth of delays, the South Pole Allied Challenge race is finally underway — and Prince Harry is already in the lead!
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    If these naughty celebs had Christmas cards, this is what they'd look like

    The holidays are upon us! For many of us, that means sending loved ones greeting cards filled with cheer. Since we likely won't be...
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    Snowed in! Prince Harry's South Pole trek training delayed

    Prince Harry and his Walking With the Wounded event team's scheduled training activities got delayed due to harsh weather. They're...
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    Prince Harry invites Cressida Bonas on royal hunting trip

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    It looks like it's getting serious for Prince Harry and his socialite girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, after he invites the bank heiress...
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    Prince Harry is ready for marriage with Cressida Bonas

    Prince Harry is ready to give up on his partying ways and propose to girlfriend Cressida Bonas. The younger royal wants what his...
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    Prince Harry to marry? 5 Things to know about Cressida Bonas

    Rumors are swirling that Prince Harry is set to marry his girlfriend of over a year, Cressida Bonas. After we cried ourselves to...
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    Prince Harry & Cressida Bonas: Two hot dates in a week

    Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas, were spotted going on two dates together in the same week.
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    10 Things to know about Prince Harry's girl Cressida Bonas

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    Who is this blond beauty who has won over Prince Harry's wild heart? We've gathered up some info about British blue blood Cressida...
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    Naomi Watts concerned how princes will react to Diana

    Naomi Watts took on a big task when accepting the role of Princess Diana, but she was more concerned with how Diana's sons would react.
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    Prince George is just like Harry, new dad William reveals

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    Prince William's life has been turned upside down since the birth of the royal baby, and he says he wouldn't have it any other way.
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    25 Royally funny memes about the royal baby

    We're so thrilled Prince Will and Kate Middleton finally had their baby, partially so we can stop waiting for it with bated breath....
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    Prince Harry passes huge career milestone

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    Prince Harry has passed an extremely difficult milestone in his career with the Royal Air Force and now he's officially a royal badass.