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    Pretty Little Liars cast tells us what to look forward to in Season 5

    After a killer finale, we can't wait to see what's in store for the Liars in Season 5. Luckily, SheKnows was on the red carpet to...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: The liars dig up some answers

    Pretty Little Liars spilled all the dirty (pun intended) details about that last night when Ali disappeared. We have four...
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    INTERVIEW: PLL cast dishes on "game-changer" season finale

    The cast of Pretty Little Liars hit the PaleyFest carpet to spill the details on the Season 4 finale, which promises to be...
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    He's back! 5 Ways Caleb could return to Pretty Little Liars

    Caleb fans can all sleep a little easier tonight. Tyler Blackburn is headed back to Pretty Little Liars . But just because Caleb's...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Wait, Alison is shacking up with who?!

    Ella Montgomery and Jason DiLaurentis return just in time to guarantee that the season finale of Pretty Little Liars next week is...
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    Is a Pretty Little Liar walking down the aisle?

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    It's a nice week for a little white lie. Pretty Little Liars is going bridal in what ABC Family is calling "the biggest day in...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: And the new A suspect is Ali's mom

    There's enough suspicion to go around on Pretty Little Liars , and this episode it's Mrs. DiLaurentis' turn to have the A finger...
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    Pretty Little Liars star Troian Bellisario is engaged!

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    Troian Bellisario is finally engaged to her beau Patrick J. Adams! But have the couple been keeping a secret for longer than anyone...
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    Tammin Sursok's family photos: It doesn't get cuter than this

    Tammin Sursok is a proud mama, and with good reason. The beautiful family photos that the South African actress has been posting to...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Aria comes in like a wrecking ball

    Everyone's depressed on Pretty Little Liars lately, which has us feeling, well, depressed. Fingers crossed it's uphill from here,...
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    It's all downhill for Pretty Little Liars

    Same stuff, different episode. And now that Pretty Little Liars has psyched out fans once again, viewers might just be giving up...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: The truth doesn't set Ezra free

    Ezra's got a secret, and he definitely couldn't keep it. No amount of lies can dig him out of this grave. Come to think of it, we're...
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    Ravenswood canceled! Is Caleb returning to Pretty Little Liars ?

    ABC Family has decided Ravenswood won't be getting a Season 2, but all our hopes won't be lost if it means Caleb is returning to...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: The child-proof lid is off for Spencer

    The answers are all in Spencer's head, but those prescription pills aren't doing her any favors. She pops one too many tonight on...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Ezra's eyes don't miss a thing

    Ezra may have eyes everywhere in town, but Spencer is getting too close for comfort. She's getting so close that Ezra is leaving...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Berry pie and Board Shorts Beer

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    On "Bite Your Tongue," Spencer uncovers the biggest clues to date tying A to Ezra. How long will she be able to keep them a secret...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: What's the rush?

    Everyone seems to be in a rush this week on Pretty Little Liars and that's the perfect time to make mistakes. Are the Liars...
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    What do Now and Then and Pretty Little Liars have in common?

    Pretty Little Liars isn't I. Marlene King's first production featuring four close friends involved with a mystery. Let's take a...
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    Pretty Little Liars review: Everybody's hiding something

    On "Love ShAck, Baby," the Liars work hard to decipher Ali's coded diary and get to Ali before A has a chance to stop them.
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    Pretty Little Liars preview: Look out! EzrA is in his cap again!

    On Jan. 14 it looks like the Liars are heading to Ezra's love nest in the wood on "Love ShAck, Baby," and they're not going to be...