1. Sex

    Women weigh in on the problem with male birth control

    Taking birth control in any form isn't fun for anyone. Yet we all do it because having control over our reproductive system gives us...
  2. Parenting

    My C-section flap is the most beautiful thing on my body

    The C-section flap can cause so many body image issues. But in reality, it is the most beautiful thing I have on my body.
  3. Baby

    A stranger suggested we use menstrual blood on our newborn's skin

    Our infant daughter had absolutely gorgeous skin, apart from one unexpected "pimple" on her cheek. The little red spot didn't bother...
  4. Parenting

    Stop shaming me for the size of my family

    When I was pregnant with my fourth baby, people tried to warn me that I would soon be in for a world of judgment.
  5. Pregnancy

    Expectant parents celebrate unborn son's short life with inspirational nine-month bucket list

    Shane Michael Haley is due next month and is not expected to survive. Baby Shane was diagnosed with anencephaly, a terminal neural...
  6. Pregnancy

    Kate Middleton is pregnant again: Get ready for nine long months of the pregnancy police

    This is breaking news that you will want to put down your coffee for: Prince William and Kate Middleton are officially expecting...
  7. Pregnancy and Baby

    Men watch the miracle of birth for the first time (VIDEO)

    The miracle of birth is more like the horror of birth for these dudes seeing it for the first time.
  8. Pregnancy

    How to handle a breakup when you're knocked up

    Pregnancy isn't always a time for couples to bond over baby — sometimes, it's about breaking up.
  9. Parenting

    How to support a friend who's starting IVF

    Less than 30 years ago, IVF was not a household word, but today over 200,000 babies have been born since 1981 with the procedure....
  10. Pregnancy

    Can you really be pregnant without knowing it?

    It may seem like fiction, but a study reports that one in every 600 mommies-to-be claims, "I didn't know I was pregnant" until labor...
  11. Pregnancy

    Pregnancy doesn't make you fat, it makes you pregnant

    I'll be the first one to tell you that talking about the hard parts of motherhood has tremendous value to other parents. Everyone...
  12. Pregnancy

    Pregnant cops don’t deserve special treatment just because they have a vagina

    Pregnant police officer Lyndi Trischler has filed a discrimination claim against the city of Florence, Kentucky, where she works....
  13. Pregnancy

    What you need and what you don't need for your new baby

    In the misguided effort to be a good parent it's easy to buy half the baby department. Forget the wipes warmer and the multiple...
  14. Pregnancy

    Medical nightmare: Pregnant with the wrong baby

    Imagine your elation when you found out your trip to the fertility clinic is a success... and then imagine finding out you're...
  15. Pregnancy

    You won't believe what this adorable husband did when his wife didn't want maternity pics

    I had very few photographs taken when I was pregnant because I felt like a bloated, cranky, exhausted monster-person. I think a lot...
  16. Tips & Advice

    When it comes to maternity leave, always have a plan

    Worried about negotiating your maternity leave or breaking the news to your co-workers? Nicole Williams is a career expert for...
  17. Pregnancy

    Here's another reason to stop feeling guilty about your epidural

    Epidurals may be more than just a miracle method for (theoretically) pain-free childbirth. New data shows that epidurals may yield a...
  18. Women's Health

    Kristen Bell talks boobs and body image

    After having her daughter, Kristen Bell did something very un-Hollywood: She didn't care about getting her post-baby body back.
  19. Pregnancy

    How to break up with your doctor or midwife

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    Breaking up is hard to do, especially when you're pregnant and feel you need a different doctor or midwife. Moms share tips for...
  20. Health & Wellness

    5 Important tips for exercising while pregnant

    Congratulations! You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. But there's no need to kick your exercise routine to the curb...