1. Well-being

    New vibrating belt stops you from slouching

    Keeping good posture is vital for your overall health, but it's not always easy to do. A new device sets out to change that.
  2. Workouts

    Yoga poses that improve your posture

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    Poor posture is sooo 1995. That is, if you're old enough to remember when greasy hair, sagging pants and slouching shoulders were...
  3. Workouts

    Stand up straight: Stretches that improve posture

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    Of course standing up straight makes you look better, but did you also know it can make you feel better? It's time to step away from...
  4. Makeup

    Celebrity anti-aging secrets revealed

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    Demi Moore, 48, gets better with every birthday. Helen Mirren, 66, won “Best Body” in an L.A. Fitness poll. And 71-year-old Raquel...
  5. Well-being

    5 Exercises to a perfect posture

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    You don’t have to accept that burning pain in your neck and shoulders, ache in your low back and throbbing headaches as a daily...
  6. Workouts

    Flat abs exercises: Top 4 tummy toners

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    If you're not quite back to your pre-holiday skinny jeans size, it may be time to bring out the heavy artillery. No, not the latest...
  7. Workouts

    Improve your posture: Celebrity secrets

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    Want to know the celebrity secret to looking glamorous on and off camera? It's posture, says Hollywood physical therapist Dr Paul...