pork recipes

  1. Easy Global Recipes

    Vietnamese pork in caramel sauce (thit heo kho)

    For a meal that tastes like you spent all day in the kitchen, you can't beat this quick-and-easy Vietnamese pork in caramel sauce.
  2. Family Recipes

    Grilled pork soft tacos with spicy avocado mango salsa

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    Win them over with a tray of these colorful, fresh and vibrant, healthy soft tacos at your next outdoor party!
  3. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Vietnamese pork meatballs in lettuce cups

    Meatballs aren’t just for spaghetti. These Vietnamese pork meatballs wrapped in lettuce cups will be your new favorite meatball recipe.
  4. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Barbecue pork nachos

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    No more boring nachos! These babies are topped with barbecue pork and tons of spicy jalapeños. Plus, they're loaded with spicy...
  5. Family Recipes

    Citrus-cooked carnitas tacos recipe

    Who knew it was so easy to make classic carnitas at home? You’ll never have to go out for Mexican food again!
  6. Family Recipes

    Mexican-spiced baby back ribs with chipotle honey glaze

    Give your baby back ribs a Mexican flair. These mouthwatering sweet and spicy baby back ribs have a chipotle honey glaze!
  7. Quick Meal Ideas

    Pulled pork stuffed sweet potatoes

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    Pulled pork is perfect on its own but even better when piled high on a sweet potato. This dish is filling and flavorful!
  8. Family Recipes

    Pineapple, chicken and pork adobo rice

    Adobo is a simple and tasty dish with soy sauce. Mixed with rice and other flavorful ingredients makes it a complete rice dish to...
  9. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Beer marinated pork chops with peach salsa

    Make pork the star of the show with a beer-citrus marinade and spicy peach salsa.
  10. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Pulled pork tostadas

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    Pulled pork served on top of a crispy corn tortilla. All this flavor cannot get any better, but it does when you top it with fresh...
  11. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Cuban-style sandwiches with spicy chipotle sauce

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    The classic Cuban sandwich gets a bit of a kick with a spicy chipotle mayonnaise sauce and garlicky roasted pork.
  12. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Smoky paprika pork stuffed calzones

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    These simple calzones are a twist on your classic Italian treat. Ground pork, chorizo, smoked paprika and sweet onions are all...
  13. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Pork tenderloin sandwiches with red cabbage coleslaw and Sriracha

    The ingredients in this sandwich complement one another so well. Make them for your next party, but be forewarned... you'll never...
  14. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Spice-rubbed pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon

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    Spice-rubbed pork tenderloin wrapped in bacon is surprisingly quick and easy! Elegant enough for company... yet perfect for a...
  15. Simple Sandwiches Recipes

    Caramelized onion and barbecued pulled pork grilled cheese

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    This grilled cheese is full of flavor and the perfect winter fuel! Barbecued pulled pork and sweet caramelized onions are paired...
  16. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Pork and chili stew recipe

    When the cold weather hits, nothing tastes better than a nice home-cooked stew. And while beef, potatoes and peas are the common...
  17. Family Recipes

    Homemade dumplings

    Asian-style dumplings are delicious to eat out and even more delicious when you make them at home. There are many varieties of...
  18. Entertaining Menus & Recipes

    Oktoberfest stew recipe

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    Oktoberfest, a 16-day fair in Munich, Germany, is one of the largest fairs in the world, bringing out more than 5 million people a...
  19. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Tonight's Dinner: Nutty noodles with ground pork recipe

    Chinese noodles are a hearty, healthy meal that you can order from the nicest restaurant or the local street vendor. But believe it...
  20. Easy Dinner Recipes

    Easy slow cooker pork tacos

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    For your next taco night dinner, don't slave away in the kitchen for hours. This recipe for easy slow cooker pork tacos practically...