1. Exercise & Fitness

    Spotify uses science to create the most motivational workout playlist ever

    Spotify teamed up with a fitness researcher to put together a playlist that can give you the ultimate workout! Hit play!
  2. Music

    Here's your chance to spend NYE with Paris Hilton

    Rock out with Paris!
  3. Road Trips & Air Travel

    The ultimate road-trip playlist

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    A road trip isn't just a drive from point A to point B. It's an experience — a memory in the making. And half the fun is rolling...
  4. Splurges & Beauty Indulgences

    Old-school tracks to jam out to in the car

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    When you need a little me time, take a drive and listen to awesome tunes. After all, music is one of those little indulgences that...
  5. Music

    Wild Child and 5 other folk bands to listen to right now

    Mumford and Sons has done more for music than reintroduce us to the bass-drum driven, banjo strummin', 'hey, ho!' chantin' music...
  6. Music

    PLAYLIST: "Iris" and other '90s make-out songs

    Every decade has a collection of baby-making music that made us want to drop everything and make out in the dark. The '90s is a...
  7. Music

    2013 BET Awards Playlist: Beyoncé, J.T. and more

    The 2013 BET Awards takes place this Sunday, June 30, and there's no better way to prepare and gear up for the big show than to pop...
  8. Music

    Lullaby playlist for the royal baby

    While the world is on baby watch awaiting the new prince or princess, SheKnows is helping to get the nursery ready by putting...
  9. Music

    Ultimate summer block party playlist (and drinking game)

    "I like girls that wear Abercrombie and Fitch." (We defy you to avoid getting these songs stuck in your head all. Summer. Long.)
  10. Entertaining

    Pick a party playlist

    You can have the best food, entertaining guests and be the perfect hostess, but all could be lost with a playlist that kills the...
  11. Music

    Wedding playlist: For the rockers

    Settle down with these guitar-rich and rockin' reception tunes.
  12. Music

    Wedding playlist: For the pop music couple

    Weddings can't all be about songs like "Mama's Song" and "Butterfly Kisses." You need to have some fun on that expensive dance floor!
  13. Music

    Wedding playlist: For the country couple

    This is probably the perfect playlist if your wedding starts with the preacher saying, "Y'all are gathered here today..."
  14. Music

    Wedding playlist: For the indie-lovin' lovers

    Love Indie music? We've sifted through the racks and found some wedding music that's perfect for the modern, mellow couple's big day.
  15. Music

    Arriba ! Cinco de Mayo playlist

    Grab a frosty-cold margarita or a cerveza and kick back with a tailor-made playlist that will make any Cinco de Mayo gathering a...
  16. Exercise & Fitness

    Perfect playlists for your favorite workout

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    When your current playlist runs dry and stale, a fresh crop of songs is all that's needed to bring new motivation to any type of...
  17. Music

    Beach-inspired playlist for spring break (wherever you are)

    Spring is upon us, and we can't wait to welcome the warmth. We've created the ultimate beach-inspired playlist to bring a little bit...
  18. Entertainment

    Grammy-nominated songs to add to your iPod playlist

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    Whether you're super-psyched about the Grammy Awards airing Feb. 10 or you're just trying to get your adrenaline going for a brutal...
  19. Entertainment

    The Grammys: Playlists for February's hottest reads

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    A good book is right up there with listening to a great song. Both give you freedom to let your imagination run wild. So in honor of...
  20. Sex Tips, Sex Toys & Fun

    Your official Valentine’s Day sex playlist

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    It’s true that music can really dictate the pace and mood of your romp. So this Valentine’s Day, why not mix things up a bit and...