1. Décor & Style

    Say goodbye to artificial plants and put a fig tree in every room

    The fiddle leaf fig is a trend that keeps on growing. This dramatic indoor plant has been finding its way into peoples homes in all...
  2. Living

    Everyday inspiration: Buy a houseplant

    Sure, houseplants look pretty. But did you know they also purify the air, improve health and even sharpen concentration? Find out...
  3. Outdoor Living

    Top 10: The best houseplants for every homeowner

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    Give the gift that keeps on giving to either yourself or a friend by choosing one of these awesome houseplants meant for anyone on...
  4. Outdoor Living

    How to turn store-bought kiwi into kiwi vines

    A kiwi vine will make a fruitful addition to your garden. Learn how to grow one with this video.
  5. School & Education

    The plant life cycle

    Learning about a plant's life cycle is an important part of a child's science education. Here are some children's activities that...
  6. Outdoor Living

    Grow plants with a gadget: Click & Grow

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    Anyone can garden with a simple gadget, even those without a green thumb. The Click and Grow electronic smart pot makes things super...
  7. Home

    Cute live plant gifts for every occasion

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    Want to give a great gift that is inexpensive, lasts for years to come and keeps on giving? Here are great ideas for gifts that not...
  8. Mother's Day

    Best living gift guide for your mom

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    So maybe Mom doesn't have the green-thumb gene. You can still give her the gift of a living plant for Mother's Day. These tips will...
  9. Outdoor Living

    Are grafted veggies the 'it plant' of 2013?

    Recently interest in grafted vegetables has skyrocketed making us wonder if it's expected to be the hottest gardening trend this year. 
  10. Outdoor Living

    Mistletoe: More than just for making out

    Don't kiss mistletoe goodbye just yet. This controversial holiday plant was recently linked to a study that claims it could benefit...
  11. Outdoor Living

    The history of poinsettias and Christmas

    You see the classic red star-shaped leaves every year, but only during the holiday season. Have you ever wondered how poinsettias...
  12. Outdoor Living

    Poinsettias: How to keep them thriving year-round

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    As we deck the halls and await the holiday to officially arrive, we find comfort in the pleasures of being prepared and ready. One...
  13. Outdoor Living

    Great container plants for winter color

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    Growing plants in containers is a great way to change the look of your patio or front porch. In the cold winter months, you need to...
  14. Outdoor Living

    Preparing your garden for winter

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    As the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter, it's time to think about preparing your yard for the chilly months ahead....
  15. Outdoor Living

    Traditional Home Classic Woman Rose

    Did you know that Traditional Home magazine offers a selection of flowers to order? Learn about their annual Classic Woman Rose...
  16. Outdoor Living

    Olympic olive branch wreaths

      With the 2012 Summer Games going on in full force, we were curious about the history between the classic olive branch wreaths and...
  17. Pets & Animals

    How to grow a lily in your fish bowl

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    There is something so relaxing about watching fish swim aimlessly. What prettier way to display your fish than in a bowl with a...
  18. Outdoor Living

    What to plant if you have allergies

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    It's that time of year when flowers bloom, pollen is in the air, eyes get puffy and noses get stuffy. Although you can't control the...
  19. Outdoor Living

    5 Great ideas for creating your own potting bench

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    When you love plants, you need room to care for them. Potting, repotting, feeding, pruning and dividing all require space. How about...
  20. Outdoor Living

    Succulent planters

    This side table designed by Kris Swift has us inspired to see what else is out there in the land of succulent planters. Check out...