1. Baby

    Nope, I can't think of a good reason to pierce your baby

    Moms face a lot of judgment and scrutiny from other moms. We all have our sanctimommy moments and I think we can agree that there...
  2. K-12

    10 Tips for taking your daughter to get her ears pierced

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    Whether she's been begging to have her ears pierced since her BFF got hers done a few months ago or you're taking your baby girl to...
  3. Pregnancy

    Navel piercing and pregnant bellies

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    If you have your navel pierced and get a positive pregnancy test, you may wonder what the heck to do now.
  4. Parenting

    Body piercings a parent can be proud of

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    If your teenager has expressed interest in getting a body piercing, you may not quite know where to turn to for expert advice.
  5. Parenting

    Teen piercing trends: Earlobe gauging, stretching and body piercing

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    Piercings and teenagers go hand-in-hand. Like clothes, makeup, and hairstyles, piercings offer teens a way to express themselves. If...