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    The Originals sneak peek: Is Marcel moving on from Rebekah?

    Rebekah is gone but not forgotten on The Originals , by us at least. Marcel, on the other hand, just may be ready for a new leading...
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    The Originals review: Rebekah's away, the vamps play

    Things between Elijah and Hayley are getting hairy. And by that we mean alpha werewolf Jackson is stepping into the picture on The...
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    The Originals review: Ding dong the witch is dead

    Talk about a house divided. On The Originals this week, Klaus has Rebekah running scared with good reason too, especially when he...
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    The Originals review: Hayley finds herself a love triangle

    Finally an episode of The Originals where Elijah takes center stage with a decision that definitely solidifies his feelings. Now...
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    The Originals sneak peek: Will Elijah choose his siblings or love?

    It's either hot or it's cold. Elijah and Hayley's relationship on The Originals is about to take a turn.
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    The Originals review: The godfather of witches brings the heat

    Talk about a blast from the past! Klaus' worst enemies have been resurrected on The Originals and bad boy Papa Tunde is just the...
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    The Originals review: 1 Falls and a villain rises

    The Originals is taking a page from The Vampire Diaries ' playbook. Tuesday night's big plot twist and death revealed that no one...
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    4 Scandalous spoilers for The Originals ' return

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    It's time to pick sides! A new dynamic is headed to The Originals , and big decisions are about to be made as lines are drawn....
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    The Originals review: Forgive me Father

    Bless me Father for I have fallen in love with a vampire... or two. But come on! Klaus sheds a tear on tonight's episode of The...
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    The Originals sneak peek: There's a new she-wolf in town

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    Just because The Originals isn't new tonight, doesn't mean you can't find some spicy details about what's to come. We've got you...
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    The Originals review: Tyler arrives in New Orleans

    The crossover is here! But it's really hard to pay attention to Tyler's plot twist on The Originals when Elijah is walking around...
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    The Originals sneak peek: "Bloodletting"

    In the next episode of The Originals , all signs point to Tyler's entrance into the show. Will he help Hayley or is he the one who...
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    The Originals review: Davina is switching sides

    And we thought we had the show figured out. Just when we're getting our bearings, The Originals throws the facts in a pot, gives...
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    The Originals review: Davina, girl on fire

    Aww, he really does care! Not only does he put Davina in her place, Klaus also proves tonight on The Originals he cares a lot more...
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    The Originals : New series photos released

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    The photos reveal exciting new details about the premise of the show. It's clear there's going to be a lot of attitude as well as a...
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    Phoebe Tonkin spills on The Originals

    The CW has released a series of interviews with the cast of the new spinoff show The Originals , giving us a sneak peek into the...
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Balcoin"

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    The Secret Circle is set to bewitch us one last time until 2012.
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Beneath"

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    Games and Grandma are the focus of this week's episode of The Secret Circle .
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Masked"

    The mysterious Jake popped up in Chance Harbor last week on The Secret Circle and not everyone was happy about it. What is Faye's...
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    The Secret Circle preview: "Wake"

    The mysterious Jake shows up on The Secret Circle this week and not everyone is happy to see him.