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    15 Reasons to love AMA new artist nominee Phillip Phillips

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    Since winning Season 11 of American Idol last May, Georgia boy Phillip Phillips traded in a 9 to 5 at his family's pawn shop for...
  2. Music

    Editor's video pick: Phillip Phillips "Gone, Gone, Gone"

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    Sometimes all you need to do to prove to someone you love them is to not leave them.
  3. Television

    Rascal Flatts hosts adoption awareness Christmas special

    A Home for the Holidays is an excellent television tradition to pull on your heartstrings during the Christmas season.
  4. Television

    Phillip Phillips tells Mariah Carey to stop being so nice

    The former contestant doesn't know how Carey will judge, but he wants her to know how important it is to just be honest.
  5. Entertainment

    Second round of Teen Choice Award nominees announced

    We've heard it before. Vampires are king, musicians are actors. What does the second round of nominees have that the first round...
  6. Music

    Phillip Phillips out of the hospital and ready to rock

    Shortly after winning American Idol , Phillip Phillips had to be hospitalized for a kidney ailment. Now, he's back on his feet and...
  7. Entertainment

    Phillip Phillips recovering from kidney surgery

    With barely a month between the American Idol finale and the Idol tour kickoff, the singer has his surgery with just enough time to...
  8. Television

    Phillip Phillips: There's more to me than cuteness

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    Phillip Phillips totally knows he's cute, okay? That doesn't mean you can treat him like a piece of man meat, though. Find out what...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Phillip Phillips' American Idol win cost him his health

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    We knew that Phillip Phillips had kidney problems during his run on American Idol, but we had no idea it was this bad. Find out...
  10. Television

    Phillip Phillips won Idol , but Ace Young is the real winner

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    Spoiler alert! Georgia native Phillip Phillips won the coveted American Idol crown on Wednesday night, surprising pretty much no...