1. Dogs

    Deciphering your dog's body language

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    We all love our dogs and wish we could talk to them. Here's some basic body language and vocal signs that can help dog owners...
  2. Pet Fun

    3 Fun fall activities for pets

    Summertime may be a favorite for us and our families, but due to the high heat, bugs and humidity, it's not a favorite for our pets....
  3. Dog health & conditions

    7 Home remedies for your dog

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    Holistic medicine is all the rage right now. You know eating locally grown honey will help you reduce the affect allergens have on...
  4. Animal Welfare

    Volunteer with your local animal shelter

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    People aren’t the only ones who need help and care at shelters. There are literally thousands of owner-less dogs that need love and...
  5. Animal Welfare

    Is pet fostering for you?

    You might be the purr-fect foster parent for a needy cat or dog! Can you love them and let them go?
  6. Pets & Animals

    8 Cute animal blogs we love

    Here at SheKnows we’re big fans of lots of blogs -- design blogs, food blogs, travel blogs -- just to name a few. Now we turn our...
  7. Celebrity Pets

    Celebrities who love their pets

    We all think we have the cutest dog or cat (or even iguana if that's your thing) in the world. Celebrities are no different. They...
  8. Family Fun

    The best of friends: Kids and their pets

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    Forget man's best friend! In many families, there is no stronger bond than the one between kids and pets. We love these pictures of...
  9. Pets & Animals

    How to grow a lily in your fish bowl

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    There is something so relaxing about watching fish swim aimlessly. What prettier way to display your fish than in a bowl with a...
  10. Pet Travel

    3 Best pet-friendly vacation spots

    If you have a pet, there's a good chance they are more like another member of your family than anything else. You feed them off the...
  11. Dog health & conditions

    Which human foods can you feed your dog?

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    A piece of chicken here, some leftover cupcake there and a lick of ice cream from a cone. Do these sound like things you sometimes...
  12. Pets & Animals

    How pets are rehabilitating prison inmates

    Looking for unconditional love? Check your nearest correctional facility. The newest inmates boast the sought after qualities of...
  13. Pet Fun

    What your man's pet says about him

    You’ve finally met the tall, dark and handsome prince of your dreams and to top it off, he’s a pet lover like you. Now that the...
  14. Pets & Animals

    How to raise pet chickens

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    Do you like fresh eggs? Are you looking for a new organic experience? Why not get some cute chicks and raise them in your own...
  15. Exercise & Fitness

    3 Workouts you can do with your dog

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    Dogs, like us, need the occasional walk, run or workout in order to stay healthy and slim. Instead of taking that same old walk...
  16. Birds

    10 Tips for training your baby bird

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    A bird is one of the cleverest animals you can choose as a companion pet. That being the case, you want to make sure that your bird...
  17. Pet Fun

    Pinterest for pets

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    Chances are you’ve discovered and spent unspeakable amounts of time on the virtual pin board we've all come to know and love,...
  18. Dog gear & accessories

    The coolest dog houses you've ever seen

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    Don't show Fido these dog houses -- he's sure to be jealous. You'll never believe these dog houses from around the world, including...
  19. Dogs

    How to take care of arthritis in dogs

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    As we get older, we may notice new aches and pains -- and the rules of aging also apply to our canine counterparts. In fact, one in...
  20. Pets & Animals

    Using GPS to track your pet

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    As responsible pet owners, we take all the necessary precautions to keep our pets safe. Unfortunately, thousands of family pets end...