1. Pets & Animals

    10 Funniest small animals on the internet

    Need some comic relief? These funny small animals are here to help you out.
  2. Pets & Animals

    Cleanest, odorless pets for small homes

    Looking for an easy-care pet that won't stink up your small home or apartment? Frogs, reptiles, hermit crabs and even certain dog...
  3. Pets & Animals

    How to choose a freshwater fish as a pet

    Pet fish aren't just for apartment dwellers and people with allergies. With a little planning, your next pet fish can be part of the...
  4. Pets & Animals

    How to choose the best small pet

    Dogs and cats seem to get all the love, but small pets make great companions, too. Here are a couple things to keep in mind when you...
  5. Pets & Animals

    Reasons pet turtles and tortoises are awesome

    We all know turtles and tortoises make awesome pets, but do you know why?
  6. Dogs

    These dogs are ready to hit the beach hard

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    Dogs dressed up are adorable. But dogs dressed for the beach are priceless. Check out this collection of pictures of cute beach...
  7. Dogs

    9 Reasons why this cute Yorkie should have a fashion blog

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    Attention fashion bloggers everywhere: Kintai the Yorkie is here, and he can out-style all of you. No joke. Kintai, the Hong...
  8. Dogs

    Doggie dining: 8 Questions to ask when bringing a dog to a restaurant

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    We know your dog is part of the family, so when you go to a restaurant, you want him to go with you! Before you get Fido dressed to...
  9. Dogs

    Apparently, high dogs don't get the munchies. Who knew?

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    Emergency animal clinics around the country are seeing an increase in the number of pets ingesting marijuana and getting, well, high.
  10. Movies

    Hollywood's Humanitarians: How Jordana Brewster "Paws It Forward" for National Pet Month

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    Actress Jordana Brewster is busy these days. She just wrapped up Season 3 of Dallas and is about to start shooting Fast & Furious...
  11. Dogs

    100 Unique female dog names

    Need a unique name for the sweet puppy princess in your life? Take a look at these 100 names to find inspiration for the perfect fit.
  12. Pets & Animals

    Furriest baby farm animals to crush on

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    Get ready to ooh and aah over some of the cutest animals on the planet, brought directly to you from the farm. Fluffy, soft and oh,...
  13. Pets & Animals

    Playing with puppies will make you happier

    Rough day? It's been scientifically proven that playing with puppies can change your mood. We can't give you a puppy, but we can...
  14. Entertainment

    15 Celebrity pet deaths: Some shocking, all sad

    Celebrities often take to Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites to mourn the loss of their pets. Pay respect to the...
  15. Pets & Animals

    10 Reasons why Hamilton the hipster cat is super suave

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    If you haven't heard of Hamilton the hipster cat, you're doing the internet wrong. Hamilton is a Vine sensation that has nearly 70K...
  16. Pets & Animals

    Prep time for the Easter Bunny

    Easter is around the corner, and that means crunch time for the Easter Bunny. SheKnows has the behind-the-scenes details on what he...
  17. Dogs

    15 Dogs that like to garden

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    When it comes to gardens, puppies aren't really known for their care and concern. They're more known for their digging and...
  18. Pets & Animals

    The most pinned cats of 2013

    Each of these adorable kitties was pinned well over 1,000 times from a single pin on Pinterest, with the leader at over 8,000 pins!...
  19. Pets & Animals

    Chic furniture for your kitty: 4 pieces you'd never know are for your cat

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    Stylish cat owners don't have to settle for a carpeted cat tree house in the living room. Now you can give your kitty what she wants...
  20. Dogs

    How having a dog can make you a better mom

    Dogs and babies aren't the same, but raising a puppy can actually teach you a lot about being a parent. We talked to moms who had...