1. Pet Fun

    19 Pets with crazy attitudes

    These furry companions may be small, but they definitely have a large presence. Most pets can express human-type traits, but these...
  2. Cats

    12 Purr-fect reasons to dress up your cat

    Looking for a reason to dress your cat up? You really don't need one! But check out these adorable photographs of kitties in...
  3. Pet Travel

    25 Dogs hitting the road

    Check out these hilarious caught-on-camera dog moments. You can finally see how dogs really feel about traveling with their owners.
  4. Pets & Kids

    The best time to get your kids a pet

    Pets are a huge responsibility — and as parents, we want to make sure our kids are ready for the task. Here's what you should...
  5. Dog gear & accessories

    Easy DIY dog identification tags

    Want to give your dog a mini little makeover? Forget an expensive haircut or clothes. Instead, make him or her a cute new nametag to...
  6. Dogs

    22 Dogs with dreadlocks

    Who doesn't need a little cute in their life? Sometimes the weirdest pets are the most adorable, especially the Hungarian Komondor...
  7. Pets & Animals

    Think outside the box: 11 Alternative uses for cat litter

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    Having an indoor cat and stockpiling bags of kitty litter go hand-in-hand. However, this feline essential can do double duty in...
  8. Pet Fun

    Pet names that make you sound smart

    If your parents didn't bless you with a moniker that makes you sound intelligent, you can always give your pet a name that does....
  9. Pet Fun

    16 Animals that shouldn't be friends, but are

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    We try to make our pets get along with each other to keep some sanity in our lives. So when a dog and a cat get along, we jump for...
  10. How-To

    How to take a selfie

    SheKnows is going to teach you how to work the camera and your best angles for all of your selfie moments. It's time to be a little...
  11. Dogs

    17 Pugs you'll want to pin

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    We love taking pictures of our cute pets and, every once in a while, they will pose for us. Pinterest is the ultimate dog showcase...
  12. Pet Travel

    Come, or stay: Should your pet join you on your next vacation?

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    We know you pet lovers consider your four-legged friends to be part of your family -- but should you really bring them along on your...
  13. Dog health & conditions

    Beyond the walk: 5 new ways to exercise your pet

    Everyone benefits from a little bit of variety in their exercise routine. If your pooch can't get rid of his paunch--or if he's...
  14. Pet Travel

    Float away this summer with this pet-friendly cruise line

    In today’s world, pets aren’t just balls of fur who spend their time in our backyards watching the birds. Pets are family members...
  15. Dogs

    The world's cutest Welsh corgis on the web

    It's no secret that a love for Welsh corgis is sweeping the nation through social media sites like Instagram and Tumblr. We are...
  16. Dogs

    12 puppy eyes to swoon over

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    There isn't anything better than coming home after a long day of work to a pair of puppy eyes gazing up at you. Puppies are always...
  17. Dogs

    25 puppies to make your heart melt

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    There's no doubt that puppies always find a way to cheer us up when we're sad, make us smile when we feel like there's nothing to...
  18. Pets & Animals

    When you have to re-home your pet

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    Re-homing your pet can be a very heart-breaking process. Here are 5 steps that you can take to ease you and your pet's transition...
  19. Pets & Animals

    Pet products with pizzazz

    Some people just can’t seem to help splurging on their pet. They want their furry friend to have it all: a luxury bed, stylish...
  20. Pets & Animals

    Making your pet a part of the family

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    Concerned about how you're going to transition your pet into your home? These four families tell us how their pet became their...