1. Dogs

    Confused puppy gets his first chew toy (VIDEO)

    Dogs and bones go together as naturally as peanut butter and jelly — unless you are this adorable terrier puppy! Watch as he shifts...
  2. Pets & Animals

    7 Adorable rescue dogs that are loving life

    Ready to see some of the cutest rescue dogs ever? Soak up the puppy love, then head over to AvoDerm's "Glow and Tell" photo contest...
  3. Pets & Animals

    This cat can open doors. Game over, humans (VIDEO)

    It's been fun guys. Really, we've had a good run as the dominant species on this planet.
  4. Pets & Animals

    6 Seriously awkward pet moments and how to deal with them

    Awkward pet behaviors can really put a damper on your social life. Here are tips for putting bad manners to bed.
  5. Pets & Animals

    Hot guys with baby animals, just because

    We don't want to give too much away, but this article contains a picture of John Legend cuddling a puppy.
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    Sexy beast: 5 Tips to makeover your pet

    Put a swagger in your pet's step with these must-know pet makeover tips.
  7. Dogs

    We have all been this Rottweiler in the shower at some point (VIDEO)

    Sometimes, after a long day, you just need to stand in a steamy shower and let your mind gooooooo.
  8. Dogs

    9 Dogs that take the word "sit" too literally

    These funny dog pictures speak for themselves, and the word of the day is — literally — sit. We dare you not to smile at these cute...
  9. Pets & Animals

    Watch: Baby deer just wants to cuddle

    Oh to be a baby deer, and be cradled by a kind man and never be set down.
  10. Dogs

    Baby laughs hysterically at sloppy pit bull licks

    If this isn't the cutest thing you've seen all day, then you live a charmed life, my friend.
  11. Living

    Baking fails: We think these cakes are supposed to look like cats

    In theory, using your baking skills to whip up a cat cake may seem like a good idea. In practice, homemade cat cakes look a whole...
  12. Pets & Animals

    15 Reasons mutts deserve love too

    Purebred dogs are great. They're pretty and they're fun. But don't forget about all of those lovable mutts out there. Here are 15...
  13. Dogs

    Two-legged boxer's first trip to the beach (VIDEO)

    Break out the tissues and reevaluate your life goals. This video never gets old. We love watching Duncan Lou Who, a two-legged...
  14. Pets & Animals

    Juicing hack: Drink the juice and feed the pulp to your pets

    Juicing delicious fruits and vegetables has tons of health benefits for humans. But can our pets also benefit from this trend?
  15. Pets & Animals

    9 Ways cats are born to be stealthy ninjas

    Cats are just more hard-core than humans, OK? Take a look at these ninja cats and let's accept this fact and rejoice in it.
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    10 Potbelly pigs that think they're dogs

    We thought nothing on Earth was cuter than a deliciously fat potbellied pig, but then we saw a deliciously fat potbellied pig that...
  17. Home

    Help! My friends say my house smells like a dog

    There's no question that dogs are man's best friend, but pet odor? That's no one's friend. The worst part is that you can become...
  18. Dogs

    10 Perfect pictures of dogs wearing sunglasses

    These dogs aren't letting the sun get in the way of their good times. They're too cool for school, but they're definitely ready for...
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    These dogs have a funny way of doing their business

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    10 Fun games you can play with your hedgehog

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