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    The Hobbit 2 sneak peek gives us the creeps!

    Peter Jackson's Hobbit series has taken a dark turn. The Desolation of Smaug pits our heroes against a very angry and very...
  2. Movies & Reviews

    Peter Jackson and The Hobbit 2 are skipping Comic-Con

    San Diego Comic-Con will feel a little empty this year because The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be M.I.A. Director Peter...
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who episode

    The Lord of the Rings director has even named the fee for his directing duties: One Dalek, please.
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    The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey movie review:

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    If you geek out for wizards, trolls and swords, prepare to enter Middle-earth heaven. If fantasy isn’t your thing, then this...
  5. Television

    Stephen Colbert to run " Hobbit -themed" week of shows

    Stephen Colbert may be the most high-profile Hobbit fan there is (or at least the most famous one willing to admit it), and he is...
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    Epic Hobbit art for an epic adventure

    Get them while they last! Land yourself one of the first seats at the IMAX midnight Hobbit premieres and you could walk away with...
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    Filming of The Hobbit blamed for 27 animal deaths

    The pricey franchise is releasing its first film next month. But the producers are dealing with a boycott, since there are reports...
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    The Hobbit presale tickets go on sale Wednesday

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    The films have been talked about for years, and the first one is now only a month away. Huge fans will have a chance to get their...
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    Stephen Colbert hints at The Hobbit cameo

    The actor is a big fan of the story and has hinted he may be appearing in the movies after visiting the set to watch filming.
  10. Baby Names

    Famous October birthday baby names

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    If you are expecting a baby in the month of October or have a birthday of your own this month, find out which celebrity you share a...
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    The Hobbit releases a new trailer for An Unexpected Journey

    The three Hobbit films will be released within two years of each other, and the first one is just a few months from hitting theaters.
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    Third Hobbit film gets a release date

    When The Hobbit movies were split into three films instead of the original two, we knew the release dates would be close. But now we...
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    It's official! Hobbit fans in for a third film

    Hobbit fans rejoice! Monday morning director Peter Jackson confirmed suspicions via Facebook -- that The Hobbit 's two-film series...
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    Will Peter Jackson be the next superhero director?

    Peter Jackson has long been known to create lifelike characters from books, but is he planning to take a step in a new direction and...
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    Will The Hobbit make an appearance at Comic-Con?

    Years after The Lord of the Rings trilogy was ended, The Hobbit is finally getting close to its release date. Some fans will get a...
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    Movie review: The Adventures of Tintin

    The adventures of intrepid reporter Tintin and his dog Snowy are brought to life by one of the most beloved directors of children’s...
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    Tintin's hot new trailer

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    A new trailer for Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn has been released. And...
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    New video from The Hobbit

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    Director Peter Jackson has released a second video blog from the set of The Hobbit . Not only do we get an update now that they've...
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    Three official Hobbit photos released

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    The very, very long and twisted road to the production of The Hobbit has finally led to the beginning of production. And thank...
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    Hobbit happenings: Evangeline Lilly to play Woodland Elf

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    Evangeline Lilly is making some great post- Lost career choices. She will appear in the action flick Real Steel opposite Hugh...