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  1. Pets & Animals

    Somewhere in this ball of fur you will find a cat

    Let's face it, some kitties are just too fluffy. And while they may be super adorable and nearly irresistible for a serious cuddle...
  2. Dogs

    7 Dogs that look like a real-life Scooby Doo

    Are there Scooby Doo look-alike contests out there in the world? If so, these dogs should enter and take home all of the prizes.
  3. Pets & Animals

    5 Animal birthday parties that were way better than yours

    Birthday parties used to be a human only kind of thing, until the four-legged kind decided they wanted celebrations of their own....
  4. Pets & Animals

    Koala bear selfies are the cutest things ever

    Think only the human kind enjoy taking selfies? Think again! This koala at the Wild Life Sydney Zoo is a major selfie addict (and a...
  5. Pets & Animals

    Pug puppies should rule the world, and this video proves it

    They're cute, they're cuddly and they're about to take over the world. Watch this new and improved trailer for Dawn of the Apes,...
  6. Pets & Animals

    Grumpy Cat rules supreme as the internet's most influential feline

    It's like Time's most influential celebrities... only for felines! These kitties top the Friskies 50 Most Influential Cats on the...
  7. Pets & Animals

    Your dog will love this DIY tug toy

    What are the two favorite dog games of all time? Fetch and tug-of-war! This DIY dog toy combines the two into a fun toy your pup can...
  8. Dogs

    11 Ways Pug puppies are the most adorable things alive

    It's real, it's true... it's Pug love. Here are 11 reasons we're downright obsessed with the most adorable puppies on the planet.
  9. Pets & Animals

    This sexy monkey did more push-ups today than you did

    Prep your dumbbells, this hard-core monkey is about to make you feel really bad about your workout routine.
  10. Dogs

    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have the coolest dog

    Only one female can get between Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel — their dog Tina. An adorable pit bull, Tina lives the ultimate...
  11. Pets & Animals

    These animals love dancing to Salt-n-Pepa's "Push It"

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    Forget research and immediate access to world news — we all know the internet was truly invented for videos of cute animals. Why...
  12. Pets & Animals

    10 Things you must have if you're seriously in love with your pet

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    We all love our pets, but sometimes that love borders on obsession. How can you tell? The pet-obsessive will have at least one of...
  13. Pets & Animals

    8 Animals that are way too cool to walk anywhere they go

    We all know that animals are intelligent, but clever? Watch these animals take fun into their own hands and ditch the walking for...
  14. Dogs

    10 Reasons why English Bulldog puppies are the cutest things ever

    Before you scroll any further, brace yourself for the most-adorable images to ever grace your computer screen. These English Bulldog...
  15. Dogs

    7 Ways I love my dog more than I love my husband

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    Max is tall, dark, handsome and wildly in love with me. Max is my best friend. I can tell him all that's in my heart and he eats it...
  16. Pets & Animals

    Proof that cats are just as amazing as humans

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    If you're a cat owner, you probably already know how amazing your kitty is. And if you're not, you're most likely a bit skeptical of...
  17. Dogs

    These dogs are ready to hit the beach hard

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    Dogs dressed up are adorable. But dogs dressed for the beach are priceless. Check out this collection of pictures of cute beach...
  18. Pets & Animals

    6 Tiny things we want to see tiny hamsters eat

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    These cute hamsters and their personal chefs are taking the internet by storm — enjoying mini-sized burritos and even a mini pizza....
  19. Pets & Animals

    Vote: Which of these cats has the best mustache?

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    Not all facial fur is created equal. And, after hours of primping, styling and trimming their signature stubble, they're finally...
  20. Dogs

    This is how dogs like to pillow fight

    There is no doubt that dogs love to play fight, especially with pillows. Watch these pups stop at nothing for the love of the fight.