peppermint recipes

  1. Dessert Recipes

    Peppermint ice cream and eggnog floats

    Nothing is more festive than peppermint ice cream and eggnog. We combined the two to create the most over-the-top float. This is one...
  2. Wine & Cocktail Recipes

    3 Unique peppermint cocktails

    'Tis the season for adding peppermint to everything! These holiday-inspired cocktails are filled with and topped with sweet...
  3. Wine & Cocktail Recipes

    Boozy peppermint eggnog latte with homemade candy cane syrup

    Candy canes aren't just for hanging on the Christmas tree. Let them simmer on the stove and you can create a sweet and simple candy...
  4. Dieting & Nutrition

    All-natural candy canes and how to bake with them

    Candy canes are a true sign that the merry and spirited holiday season is here! However what is not so merry or jolly are the...
  5. Winter Recipes

    Peppermint candy mini whoopie pies filled with cream cheese frosting

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    These colorful holiday whoopie pies look like edible Christmas ornaments. And they taste as delicious as they are pretty.
  6. Food & Recipes

    Dairy-free peppermint hot chocolate

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    This version of hot chocolate is spruced up with peppermint flavor and is completely dairy-free making this safe for vegans to...
  7. Holiday & Seasonal Recipes

    Peppermint meringues

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    These beautiful peppermint meringues are the perfect addition to any holiday table.
  8. Winter Recipes

    Homemade hot chocolate recipes

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    Who doesn’t love homemade hot cocoa! These simple recipes will bring amazing flavor to your next hot chocolate party! Plus these...
  9. Dessert Recipes

    Peppermint stick frozen yogurt

    Frozen yogurt is not just for summer! This simple recipes takes the flavors of summer and the flavors of winter and mixes the two!...
  10. Dessert Recipes

    Recipes with leftover candy canes

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    Discarding candy canes with the ripped and torn wrapping paper almost seems anti-Christmas -- but what else can you do with the...