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  1. Entertainment

    If these naughty celebs had Christmas cards, this is what they'd look like

    The holidays are upon us! For many of us, that means sending loved ones greeting cards filled with cheer. Since we likely won't be...
  2. Celebrity Gossip

    15 Adorable pictures of Pauly D's baby, Amabella

    Pauly D just found out he is, in fact, the dad of baby Amabella. It looks like he is looking forward to every moment of fatherhood.
  3. Celebrity Gossip

    Pauly D in custody war with his baby's mother

    Pauly D only just found out he's the father of a baby daughter, but he's already fighting with the mother for custody of the child.
  4. Celebrity Gossip

    Jersey Shore 's Pauly D is a dad

    Surprise, it's a girl! No one was expecting Pauly D to announce that he's a dad, especially his family and friends.
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    Celeb #TBT pics: President Obama, Cheryl Burke & more

    What do we love more than seeing pictures of our favorite celebs? Pictures of our favorite celebs from long, long ago! Check out...
  6. Hair

    DJ Pauly D shows off new, sexier hairstyle

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    We're used to seeing former Jersey Shore star DJ Pauly D with his signature blowout. Not anymore: The reality star just...
  7. Celebrity Gossip

    JWoww finally gets her "huge" engagement ring

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    The number of single and available Jersey Shore cast members is dwindling now that JWoww is engaged to Roger Mathews.
  8. Celebrity Gossip

    Michael Lohan's offspring and other epically bad omens

    Could the world's clock be coming to an abrupt stop at the end of this year? Nah, not likely. But the occasional breaking news bit,...
  9. Celebrity Gossip

    Get a taste of Pauly D's cocktails

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    Pauly D is known on Jersey Shore as a lover of all things alcohol and GTL-related and is very well paid for his efforts. News...
  10. Celebrity Gossip

    Love is out there for Joe Jonas, Carmen Electra on The Choice

    Why should we only be entertained by people looking for fame on dating shows? Fox announces which celebs will be looking for love on...
  11. Television

    5 Minutes with Ryan Labbe from MTV's Pauly D Project

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    Pauly D of Jersey Shore takes his blowout hair and his boys -- DJ Biggie, Big Jerry, JROC and Ryan -- to MTV in his reality...
  12. Celebrity Gossip

    How much is Pauly D paid to party and prank on Jersey Shore ?

    Pauly D is an expensive reality TV personality. So the talent agency who renegotiated his price tag is suing for their cut of his...
  13. Celebrity Gossip

    Pauly D on Snooki's baby shower: beats, pickles and tanning

    It's no secret that Pauly D knows how to throw a party. The DJ is already imagining the type of baby shower he'd throw for his...
  14. Television

    Jersey Shore recap: The cast catches crabs

    On this week's episode of Jersey Shore , the cast goes crabbing, Roger gets in a fist fight and Snooki shares a sweet dance with...
  15. Television

    Jersey Shore 's Pauly D is taking his act to Atlantic City!

    Watch out, Atlantic City! You're about to get Jersey Shore-d, courtesy of DJ Pauly D! Can you handle it?
  16. Television

    Pauly D's Jersey Shore spinoff gets a premiere date

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    Listen up, Jersey Shore fans: MTV has unveiled some pertinent info about a spinoff series inspired by your favorite show.
  17. Television

    Jersey Shore recap: And then there were six

    It's Mike's party and he'll cry if he wants to. On this week's episode of Jersey Shore, there was plenty of drama to go around....
  18. Television

    Fist pump madness: 12 hours of Jersey Shore

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    Your fists are going to be very tired after Thursday. MTV is running a super-sized, 12-hour Jersey Shore marathon leading up to...
  19. Television

    Pauly D promotes Jersey Shore water on Jimmy Fallon

    Jimmy Fallon loves him some Jersey Shore . The late-night host dedicated his Thursday night show to the season four premiere of the...
  20. Celebrity Gossip

    Trademark battle: DJ Pauly vs. DJ Paulie

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    While DJ Pauly D is raking in the big bucks as the star of the wildly successful Jersey Shore , a Connecticut man is losing the...