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    FAF7 helped Vin Diesel heal after Paul Walker's death

    Vin Diesel has done some challenging roles — whether they involved being shot at, jumping off buildings or (gasp) actually showing...
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    Tyrese and Vin Diesel celebrate bittersweet wrap of Fast and Furious 7

    Almost eight months after the death of Paul Walker, the movie he was working on at the time of his passing has wrapped and Walker's...
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    Michelle Rodriguez pays tribute to Paul Walker

    It's a bittersweet film wrap for the cast and crew of Fast & Furious 7 , who are still mourning the loss of actor Paul Walker.
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    Meadow Walker posts smiling holiday weekend photo

    After what has undoubtedly been a trying year for the young teen, Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, has posted the first social media...
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    Porsche sued over Paul Walker car crash

    The widow of the man driving the Porsche that killed her husband and Paul Walker filed a lawsuit against the automobile company.
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    Paul Walker's mom gives up his daughter's guardianship bid

    Paul Walker's mom has abandoned the bid to get guardianship over her son's 15-year-old daughter following his death last November.
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    Walker brothers to play Paul's character on Fast & Furious 7

    Paul Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb, are slated to fill in for their brother's unfinished scenes on the set of Fast & Furious 7.
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    Ice Cube to Paul Walker fans: "Don't trip" over MTV Awards

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    Ice Cube is crying foul over his 2014 MTV Movie Awards loss. Someone apparently thinks it isn't fair late actor Paul Walker won the...
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    2014 MTV Movie Awards will pay tribute to Paul Walker

    Paul Walker, who was tragically killed in a car accident last November, will be featured in a tribute at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.
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    April movie preview: SheKnows picks the flicks

    While the big summer movie bonanza is still a month away, spring is here and so is a wild sci-fi thriller starring Johnny Depp.
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    Speed claimed Paul Walker's life — not mechanical problems

    New reports about the cause of Paul Walker's fatal car accident suggest the unsafe speeds at which the car was traveling were...
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    Fast & Furious 7 set after Paul Walker's death is not the same

    The crew of Fast & Furious 7 was left devastated by co-star Paul Walker's death. Now it's time to get back to work, but Tyrese...
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    Paul Walker's mother seeks legal protection for his daughter

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    Paul Walker's 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, is the sole beneficiary of her father's estate. Now, the late actor's mother is stepping...
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    Paul Walker death glasses up for auction

    Paul Walker died suddenly in a tragic accident last November, and now a questionable anonymous seller is auctioning items he claims...
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    Kurt Cobain Day: How we'd mark these dead celebrity days

    Kurt Cobain's hometown of Aberdeen, Wash., has declared Feb. 20 as Kurt Cobain Day. That got us thinking. We need to kick it up a...
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    Paul Walker leaves $25 million to 15-year-old daughter

    It's a lot of money, but nobody is contesting it. However, who will Paul Walker's daughter live with? Take a look inside his final...
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    Paul Walker's brother is keeping his legacy alive

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    Paul Walker may be gone, but his charitable organization will live on thanks to his brother.
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    Top 10 sexiest (and shirtless!) movies

    Forget all the buzz about Golden Globe noms, what we really care about are the many muscled men of the movies. Take a look at our...
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    VIDEO: Vin Diesel posts touching tribute to Paul Walker

    Vin Diesel posted a long video of behind-the-scenes moments with himself and Paul Walker while they shared good times and did...
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    Paul Walker's autopsy reveals high speed, horrific injuries

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    Paul Walker's autopsy report reveals horrific injuries in a crash that was caused by excessive speed.